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Mee Audio’s M6 Sports review: A powerful audio gear for your workout

Jun 29, 2016

Mee Audio’s M6 Sports review: A powerful audio gear for your workout: Music plays quite an exceptional role when working out, for casual or commuting in the metro or you can say a perfect ‘time pass’. Many people also love to listen music while going for a jog, at times of cooking or while working. And if you have a good pair of earphones then the experience gets enhanced four folds.Mee Audio’s M6 Sports

Mee Audio’s M6 Sports review

So today, we got our hands on the fresh pair of the earphones by a new entrant (MEE Audio) in the Indian audio market and these are called the Mee Audio’s M6 Sports. This is made for people who like to work out or play sports while listening to music. They do come with the promising specs but does the price of Rs 2,299 will justify it? So let us check out that is it really worth the money?

Design and Built:

The Mee Audio’s M6 Sports specifically made for workouts is an over the ear earphones that comes with the memory wire for the locked in fit and it has a water resistance rating of the IPX5. The memory wire of the earphone is made of the stainless steel which remembers the shape of the ears and the earplugs fit right in. The 3.5mm colour matched cable comes coupled with gold plated audio jack and a shirt clipper.Mee Audio’s M6 Sports wire


The very first thing that you will notice when you will plug in the earphones is that it fits like glove and sits right where you will put it. At first it might be a little tricky to wear, then the memory wire remembers the shape of your ears and you will be able to easily put it back in a jiffy. The earphone delivers a pretty decent sound with 9mm high performance drivers and a frequency of 20Hz to 20KHz. It is more balanced but it is definitely not for the bass heads.

Since upbeat music is mostly heard while working out so these pair of headphones do half a decent job. The vocals were strong but the bass was not. The highs and the mids were good but the lows were not so great. The company so provide different ear cavity cue tips, but none of them is enhanced the thump one would want from a sports earphone like Mee Audio’s M6 Sports.

Also, on the other side the noise cancellation or the sound isolation completely depends on the ear-tips used. The Mee m6 Sports comes with the 6 different ear-tips, three single flange tips in small, medium and large size, 1 double flange in medium, 2 triple flange ear-tips in large and small size. When you use the single flange ear-tips, there is minimal sound isolation, but yes sound delivery becomes impressively better when you will use the triple flange ear-tips.Mee Audio’s M6 Sports ear buds


Mee Audio M6 Sports has been specializing in making the audio gear. With the the Mee M6 Sports they might have proved their point fairly well. Although the price of the earphone seems to be slightly steep but the M6 Sports certainly lived up to its name.

There is one competitor available in the market i.e. Sennheiser’s CX 380 stereo earphones and these pair of earphone is relatively cheaper. So all in all, we just wanted a little more thump from the Mee Audio M6 Sports earphones and yes of course, few hundred Rupees are less for asking price would have been wonderful.