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Print Replica Magazine Subscriptions No Longer Supported on Google News App

Jan 10, 2020

If you’ve been using the Google News app to read print-replica magazines, you may want to know that this magazine service is being dropped by Google. In order to read the print-replica magazines, you had to have a subscription, which means it was a paid feature of Google News. Google just announced that this particular paid service is no longer going to be supported. Read on to learn more about the cancellation of print-replica magazines through Google News.

Google News Cancels Print-Replica Magazine Subscription Service

The print-replica subscription service that was offered through Google News is being shut down by Google. Those with this paid subscription should have received an email a few days ago announcing this move. If you’ve never heard of this service before, basically Google would send PDF versions of magazines right to your device.

With the print-replica magazine service, you had the same layout as you would if you were holding a physical magazine. This was like reading a magazine without having to go buy it. Overall, it allowed for easy reading on both smartphones and tablets. Some people did find it wasn’t the same experience, but others felt it was similar enough that it was worth the money.

At the time the service was first launched, Google News was called Google Play Newsstand. If you paid the fee then you could have these magazines delivered in PDF form to your device. All active users of the service will have their current subscriptions canceled and refunds will be made for any payments that have been made recently. That is one of the pieces of good news here, which is that you’re not going to be out any money since Google is willing to refund any subscriptions that you had.

Google News Discontinues Print-Replica Magazine Service & Refunds Going Out Now

In the email announcement that all subscribers should have received this week, Google talked about the fact you’ll no longer be able to renew any subscriptions you have and you won’t be able to purchase any new magazine issues. The email goes onto say that you will still have access to the magazines that you were subscribed to previously, which can be accessed by the Google News app itself. You also might find these subscription issues in your Favorites tab or in the Following tab.

Furthermore, Google said that it will be refunding all subscriptions from this past billing statement and it could take up to 30-days for the refunds to be issued. The payment method selected will determine how quickly you receive your refund. There is also the ability to check on the status of your refund by heading to the Google Payments section. Google also said that you can also contact the company if the deadline has passed on when you were supposed to receive your refund.

Are You Sad About Print-Replica Magazine Subscriptions Ending in Google News?

If you’ve ever tried to read the print-replica magazines on your smartphone, you may have noticed it was difficult to read on such a small screen. There are so many different display sizes for smartphones that it made it difficult to find an optimal setting that fits everyone.

Another issue some people had was that the content didn’t mix well with the features on the operating system. This meant that quick searching wasn’t available and translation also wasn’t integrated into the digital magazine service. Many people felt a lot was lacking with this service, and it seemed to never live up to full potential.

We want to know in the comment section below whether or not you were one of the people that used the print-replica magazine service offered through Google News. Did you feel that the service lacked appropriate integration with the operating system?

Were you having issues reading the magazine on your smartphone due to a lack of optimization and display issues? If you weren’t a subscriber, then we want to know if you prefer physical magazines to digital offerings. Let us know in the comments below whether or not you agree or disagree with the decision to discontinue this service through the Google News app.