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Why QTech’s New Recommendation App Will Revolutionize The Gaming Industry

Feb 20, 2018

The online gambling industry has skyrocketed in recent years. In 2016, the size of the global market was USD 44.16 billion, and by 2022, it is estimated to reach USD 81.71 billion. One contributing factor is the use of mobile phones for online gambling, which has been increasing year on year.

In fact, according to SuperData Research, today 85% of social casino users play on smartphones. Part of the reason why, is because former desktop-only social casino players, particularly belonging to the older generation, have also gone mobile. The research states that since early 2016, the average age of smartphone casino players has risen from 36 to 39, so much that there is no longer a disparity in the demographics of mobile and desktop social casino players.

Today, smartphones have become almost twice as popular as PCs or tablets amongst social casino players. Slots in particular, have a higher average monthly spending and lifetime value on smartphones, as opposed to casino-style games which remain largely popular on desktop and tablets. It is no wonder why major developer companies are adopting a “mobile-first” approach, developing and launching games casino games for mobile first, or launching them simultaneously with desktop games.

But with all the different types of slot games available out there, and the rate at which new games are being released, it can get pretty confusing and overwhelming for users because of the infinite selection. More so, the competition in the gaming industry is constantly on the rise.

That’s why one of the fastest growing game distributors in Asia, QTech, came up with the perfect solution for both gamers and operators.

How QTech’s Recommendation App Will Solve a Lot of Problems

A few weeks ago, the company unveiled a new recommendation app, “QT Play”, which is the first of its kind in the gaming industry that will help users find the games they love, and which will in turn help game operators by sending the right players to them.

Simply put, QTech’s recommendation app will work on an algorithm similar to the ones used by Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. Simply put, the algorithm will make game recommendations to players based on the games they play. In other words, just like Amazon will show you similar products to the one you’ve purchased, or Netflix will recommend shows similar to the ones you’ve watched and Spotify will suggest songs that align with your taste, QTech’s will show users a selection of games that app.

According to Casino Journal, Jonas Alm, QTech’s CEO, said in a statement:

“Mobile growth in Asian gaming is outstripping even our wildest expectations, so it’s sometimes easy for both players and operators to feel overwhelmed by the scale of choice and competition among countless game releases. QT Play is the weapon operators need in their armory for players to quickly access and refine the games they love, simultaneously benefiting from the like-minded suggestions made by its intuitive code.”

The CEO envisions the new algorithm to have the same success as the Spotify app released back in 2008:

“Spotify revolutionized the music industry in this domain, and we have similar hopes for QT Play. Its automated-curation solution ensures that players always find their favorite games, without ever missing out on an appropriate new release.”

QT Play is the first cross-provider recommendation mobile app tailor made for the gaming industry, running off technology that allows QTech players to choose any game from any provider and switch between them at their convenience.

QTech’s approach to iGaming

As stated on their website, QTech’s mission is to “find the best online (RNG) games in the world and distribute them to operators in Asia” and to ensure that their clients “experience better performance and faster customer support than through any competitor” – and by the looks of it, the company is surely heading in the right direction.

With the company’s approach to iGaming, gamers around the world are more than excited for the launch of the first-ever “Spotify of iGaming”