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Race Kings Launches on Android- Best Tips to Get You Started

Jul 14, 2017

A new racing game called Race Kings is taking the mobile market by storm. This game is available on Android and was just released within the past few weeks. This game is all about live racing and live events, along with live multiplayer mode and a live marketplace.

Everything about Race Kings is live, and that makes Race Kings unique in the racing mobile game world. We are going to tell you a bunch of tips and tricks that you can use to help you out in this game. First though, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about Race Kings and how this game is much different than other racing games out there.

With Race Kings, you are getting real live opponents every single time, and the players are all going to be around your skill level. Whether you are just starting out or you have been playing since the game was released, you will find people of your skill level to compete against. In this game, you can do a ton of things like drift and burnouts, with your main goal being doing what you have to do to win the races. The best part is that this racing game is specifically designed to be on mobile, so you will have better graphics and control of the cars during the races.

There is also a real-time marketplace in this game, which is where you can go to get a new car. There are thousands of cars in the marketplace, some of which you can buy, and others are collectibles or ones you can upgrade to. Just like with other racing games, you will need to have various cars and various car classes in order to win races. You will find new cars every time you go into the marketplace since it is real-time, so there is always a reason to go back and look for something new. This game even allows you to bet on yourself.

You can bet that you will be able to go up the leader boards, and if you win, you will earn a lot of in-game currency. If you take a bigger bet risk, you will win more money, which is always a good thing. You can earn tons of prizes and money for the game by betting, and of course this is all in real time too.

Speaking of real time, since it is all done live, you will need a constant internet connection or data connection to play. If this sounds like a cool game to you, read on to learn about some of the best tips and tricks to help you in the game.

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Complete Objectives- One thing you want to do if you are playing Race Kings is to make sure you complete all of the objectives. If you complete the objectives you will rank up in the game, which is very important. The higher rank you are, the bigger bets you will be allowed to place.

Not to mention, this will also allow you to enter new events, unlock other car classes, go quicker up the leader boards, and even keep more cash on you. Ranking up is very important in this game, so make sure you complete the objectives to move up the ranks.

Upgrade Regularly– One way that Race Kings is similar to other racing games is that you need to upgrade regularly just like you do in other racing games. The difference is that because this game is all live all of the time, it is even more important you upgrade your items, including your cars regularly. Upgrading will allow you to have a bigger EDGE, which is basically where you are much better than your opponent.

Upgrade While Away- Speaking of upgrading, if you are playing Race Kings you should ensure you are doing the longer upgrades while you are away from the game. You do not want to waste the premium currency of the game just to get the upgrades done immediately. It is better to wait until you will be away from the game itself to do these longer upgrades. Might as well do the more lengthy upgrades when you know that you will not be wanting to play the game.

Enter All Events- There is a new event every day in Race Kings, and you want to enter them all if you can. You can win gold for completing the events, even if you are not the first place winner or finish near the top of the leader boards. The daily events require a certain car to play, so enter into that and win the gold being offered.

Enter Main Events Daily- There are also main events going on every day that you want to enter. This is because the main events will give you a Blueprint, and you can use the Blueprint to unlock a new car. You will be able to use the Blueprints instead of using gold to get the new car class, so it is well worth it to enter the main events daily and collect those Blueprints.

Collect The Free Bronze Keys- If you check in once per hour in Race Kings, you will get a free bronze key. While it might not seem like much, it will add up quickly if you check in every hour multiple times a day. The bronze key will allow you to get free gold, which is very important in the game.