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RAW Power for iOS Updates with Better File Management & More

Apr 13, 2018

If you have RAW Power on your iOS device, you might have noticed a new update is rolling out. One of the biggest things in this new update is that there is now better file management. This is definitely helpful for people who need more options and better options in the file management area. There are other changes as well that have come to the RAW Power iOS update. We have the latest update on the RAW Power iOS update, so read on to learn more.

RAW Power iOS Update Rolling Out with New Features

You might have heard about RAW Power before, since it was started by a previous Apple employee. The employee, Nik Bhatt, was able to take knowledge of the Apple desktop application RAW Power and turn it into a mobile app for iOS. This app has not been out very long, with it coming out less than a year ago, and was limited in features in the beginning. Now, RAW Power for iOS is getting a brand new update, which really is the first huge update that the app has received. It is about time that this app has received a major update, since it has been out for several months now.

In this update, you will notice a better file management system to make things more efficient and effective. There are now new filtering options that will be built right into the smart albums. These filtering options allow you to see only those photos that were taken using RAW format. RAW Power will automatically sync up with iCloud Photo Library, so you will never have to manually sync your photos.

The new option you will have is that you can now view the folder hierarchies that were found in Photos on Mac. You might know about all of these complexities within the file paths if you remember Aperture and iPhoto from back in the day. All of the new RAW Power changes on iOS will make accessing all of your photos much easier, regardless of where they are.

RAW Power iOS Update Brings Much Asked for Features

A lot of the new features are those that have been requested a ton of times by users. It is nice to see RAW Power update with these features people have been asking for. Bhatt specifically designed RAW Power to take advantage of all of the image editing tools that were found in Apple, and just really fine-tuned them all up. RAW Power for iOS makes the image editing tools found on Apple devices easier to use and with a simpler direction.

The new filtering capabilities are not all you will find in this update either. There are now tweaks made through the iPhone that allow you to do better editing, which is also where this app comes into play. There is more than 10x the precision now if you are trying to dial in a particular value. You just have to drag your finger slowly below or above the slider once you begin editing. The controls and sliders are now all available to you through just scrolling. A “Gear Down” feature within sliders will make precision editing much easier too.

RAW Power iOS & Mac Apps Out Now with Update

If you have a Mac, RAW Power will cost you $13.99, but if you are running on a mobile device, RAW Power is free through Apple’s App Store. There is even a plugin for RAW Power that was released to Adobe Lightroom if you have that application. You can get all of these versions of this app right now, both on Mac and on iOS.

We want to hear from you what you think of this app and if you like the file management options you get in this app. Does it increase your productivity or increase your overall business development? Do you think adding these new file management options will make using the app much easier? What other file management apps do you think are out there that are worth trying out? We want to know what you think of the app and if you are going to be trying out the new version of the app.

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