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Got a Razer Phone? Don’t miss the game booster to give yourself an edge

Dec 12, 2017

The Razer phone only hit the shelves a few weeks ago, and is already garnering a reputation as the handset of choice for those who take their mobile gaming seriously. The great thing about new handsets is that there are always those little extra features you find out about, just when you thought you’d got to grips with everything.

For the Razer, that is most definitely the game booster feature, and if you don’t know what it is or what to do with it, you’ve come to the right place.

Smartphone gamers and gamblers in their billions

Recent statistics suggest that more than half of the 2.3 billion smartphone owners use them to play games, so developing a phone with gaming in mind is hardly a gamble from a business perspective. Mobile gaming is huge among people of every age, with the particularly buoyant online casino sector being a case in point. Consulting TheCasinoDB on the latest new casinos shows that it is no exaggeration to say there are more appearing every day. And their continued success shows that the market is growing even faster and is nowhere close to saturation.

Online gambling might be huge, but it is by no means the only area of mobile gaming that is popular. Racing apps, sports games, social games and even multiplayer first person shooters are big business in the mobile gaming world, and getting bigger every year.

All this explains why the Razer has captured the imagination in the way that it has.

What is the game booster?

Game Booster is a pre-installed app that helps optimize the Razer Phone for specific games, by making adjustments to different running characteristics, such as the processor speed and the frame rate. If you have heard of the Razer Cortex booster for PCs, this is essentially the same thing for a smartphone.

How do you use it?

The app is hard to miss – it is the trademark luminous green color scheme, and looks a little like the rev counter on a car. Opening it will show you a main screen that outlines your phone’s current settings. It then provides you with three modes, namely Custom, Power Save or Performance, along with an estimated battery time for each.

If you select “Performance” or “Power Save,” you will apply changes to all your games, but to get the best use out of the app, you should dive headlong into the custom settings and add that performance boost where it is actually needed.

When you tap on “Custom,” you will be presented with a list of the games you have installed on your phone. Then, it is just a case of using the slider to decide which games need a boost.

The app doesn’t just work with games, you can actually use it to boost the performance on any app at all. However, avoid the temptation to simply use it on everything. All that will achieve is a battery that struggles to last more than a few hours. The best approach is to experiment and see which games benefit from it most.