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RCS Business Messaging Now Live on Android

Feb 26, 2018

Good news if you have been wondering what ever happened to the RCS business messaging function on Android. Google just announced that the business messaging is now live on certain Android devices. This allows a company to send out multimedia-rich messages to those running on Android. The new businesses messaging has been in development for well over a year now, so it is about time that the feature went live.

RCS Business Messaging Available in the U.S.

We have great news about the new RCS business messaging feature as it is finally rolling out to people in the United States. Google is finally making the new feature available so that brands will be able to text the multimedia-rich messages to people on Android. This means that for example, a hotel you booked a reservation at could text you with a lot more information.

Instead of a text just saying your room was booked, you could get more information like a picture of the room and the hotel address, along with other options. There could even be the ability to begin chatting with someone from within the hotel so if you have questions, they could be quickly answered using a quick-reply feature.

That is what the RCS business messaging should be all about, although it still might be a while before all of that happened. The business messaging only has about 12 companies so far that are using this new RCS business messaging. That is after a year of hard work by Google, so that goes to show you just how long of a road is ahead for the new Rich Communication Services. Some of those on board already include Subway, DHL, 1-800-Flowers, 1-800-Contacts, and Booking.com.

RCS Business Messaging Slowly Beginning Rollout

While the RCS business messaging is available now, it will be a while before a lot more businesses begin using the service. In the United States, Google has collaborated with Sprint. Other regions including Mexico will soon be getting involved as well. The rollout right now is pretty small, so only a few Android users will get to experience the new feature for now. There is an issue though since the RCS also has to follow the same legal rules as normal SMS. The messages will be encrypted while they are in transit, but the other end-to-end encryption is not present here.

For some businesses, the lack of end-to-end encryption could be seen as a bad thing. Android users love the end-to-end encryption, but there is no legal standard that RCS business messaging has to follow those rules. Only the regular legal rules of SMS will apply. As far as RCS goes, there is a long way to go for this standard.

Most people find the RCS confusing in terms of the technologies it uses. A lot of services are incompatible with RCS, meaning businesses will have to evolve if they want to be part of the RCS business messaging service. One day, we will be able to leave the regular SMS behind, but do not look for that to happen anytime soon.

RCS Business Messaging Still Has a Long Way to Go

Google will have to continue to work with companies and brands to get them up to speed on the RCS business messaging. In a year, about 12 businesses are on board, so you can imagine how long it will take to get other major companies and brands on board. If you are one of the lucky ones to be able to try out the new service, let us know in the comments.

Do you think the RCS business messaging should have end-to-end encryption since more information is being transmitted? Let us know what you think of RCS and whether you think RCS is the new SMS of the future. Are you confused like a lot of other people about the differences between RCS and regular SMS? Are your hopes that more businesses will be on board with the RCS in the coming year or two?