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Realm Royale Hits Steam Early Access

Jun 9, 2018

There is a new battle royale game available on Steam called Realm Royale. The game just launched on Steam Early Access and it is free to download and play. You might know of the developer Hi-Rez, since this was the developer behind Paladins and Smite. These were two highly-successful and popular games that also landed on consoles. If you are into Fortnite and want to check out a new battle royale game on Steam, then keep reading to learn about Realm Royale.

Realm Royale Battle Royale Game Hits Steam

It is pretty cool that Realm Royale is a free game available right now on Steam Early Access. A lot of the game play in Realm Royale is inspired from Paladins. Paladins was one of the best shooter games out there and it is similar to Overwatch in terms of the shooting style. Realm Royale is similar to the same battle royale style as Fortnite, although there are some differences. One difference with Realm Royale is that you will be in a four-player squad all of the time.

You also will be able to choose your character from five different classes. Each of the classes have their own unique skills and abilities. When it comes to the classes, the unique abilities and skills include things like how a Mage can cast a spell. The Engineer is able to shield the entire squad and create a lot of defensive barriers. A fighter in the front lines is called the Warrior, and all of these classes will give you these unique skills to use during battles.

More Realm Royale Steam Details to Know

You will also notice that Realm Royale is different because it has the Disenchant feature. Other battle royale titles do not have this Disenchant feature. If you use Disenchant, you will then be able to turn weapons into shards if they are on the ground. Once the weapon is turned into shards, you can then use those pieces and take them over a forge. Turning them into the forge on your map will allow you to craft your own legendary-level weapons, abilities, and armor.

There is a downside here, which is that smoke will rise from the forge when you are crafting an item. This is something that everyone can see on the map, which could be bad in some situations. One other cool feature about Realm Royale when compared to other battle royale games like Fornite is that you are able to ride a horse in this game. It is actually pretty cool and a nice little addition for this free Steam Early Access game. As of right now, there are no micro-transactions in the game, although they might be added sometime down the road.

Realm Royale Hits Steam Early Access Comes Loaded with Features

In the game currently, you will find 17 weapons, over 25 abilities, and five classes. Beyond that, the game will divide up into four-player teams, but overall supports 100 players. There is the core game play available in the Early Access version, but the game itself is not finished. That is standard with games in Steam Early Access, since most games are unpolished and unfinished until near the official release. Since this is a Steam Early Access release, you also might expect some bugs and other glitches to happen occasionally as well.

The ability to unlock cosmetics and player levels will be added down the road, so that is not something you will find right now in the game. We also are not sure right now if Realm Royale will be coming to console like the previous Hi-Rez games. Hopefully, we will know more about that later on as the game gains popularity on Steam Early Access.

So if you are looking for another game similar to Fortnite to get into with a few unique elements, Realm Royale might be just what you are looking for. You will find the game right now on Steam and we do not know how long it will be in the Early Access phase. Most games last in Early Access for about a year, so we will have to wait and see what happens with this game. Once you have checked out this game, come back here and tell us what you think about it. We want to know whether or not you like this style of battle royale games or not. Also, be sure to tell us which class you picked and why in the comments below.