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reCAPTCHA API Now Available to Android App Developers

Jun 12, 2017

If you have an Android device or you are an Android app developer, you might be interested in knowing about the reCAPTCHA API, which was just released for Android developers. The reCAPTCHA API is very important because it will allow people to differentiate between people and bots while on Android. Read on to learn more about Google deciding to put the reCAPTCHA API out there for Android devices.

Google Brings reCAPTCHA API to Android

For people on Android devices, you might love to know that Google has finally decided to bring the reCAPTCHA API to the developers of Android apps. This is great news because the mobile reCAPTCHA is becoming more important as more people use their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. In terms of the importance of this, Google is trying to ensure that the websites and apps for Android will be able to tell the difference between human people and bots.

One of the biggest ways to tell the difference between bots, which are computers, and humans is the use of the reCAPTCHA technology. People who are using the apps will notice that with the reCAPTCHA API, there will be less potential for spam or scammers.

Google said that for the app developers, bringing the reCAPTCHA API to Android will allow for a more secure app and experience. The app developers will not need to worry about the bots or the computers accessing important information or the system in general. Security of apps and the reliability of the apps are going to be greatly improved with the use of the reCAPTCHA API. Google thinks that both the user and the app developer will benefit immensely from this change.

The best part about this news is that the reCAPTCHA API does everything without the user being interrupted. You do not need to type the words or click a box or write down a number. The reCAPTCHA API works by running a simple risk analysis, which is invisible and cannot be seen by the user. If the app is loading and the reCAPTCHA API thinks there is an issue, such as a bot is being used, then you will have to solve the tests. These tests are called Turing tests, and as long as you are really a human, you do not need to worry about solving the tests to move forward in the app.

If you are wondering why Google has decided to use the reCAPTCHA API, it is all part of Google making Android better as a part of SafetyNet. SafetyNet is the APIs that are primarily focused on the various security features of apps. This means things like finding a bad or harmful app, also it could help figure out if a user is fake and it could also detect fake or bad URLs. The SafetyNet also looks at the Android device in terms of attestation. This new reCAPTCHA API from Google will also help stop things like DDOS attacks and hacks, since it will be aware of the differences between the user and a computer trying to act as a person.

A lot of the SafetyNet API features have been implemented in the Android apps we have all come to know and love. For example, Netflix, Pokemon Go, and Android Pay use the various SafetyNet APIs available. Basically, this means that if you have a rooted device you might end up not being able to use or download the newer version of these apps. You might remember a while back we told you about how if you have a rooted Android device, you might not be able to use the new Netflix app due to these security features. That is all thanks to the SafetyNet APIs that Google has created, and now reCAPTCHA API is going to be included in that group.