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Recently Added Search Filter Added to Google Photos for Android

Jul 16, 2020

If you own an Android device and use Google Photos, you might want to check out the latest update that adds a much-needed feature. The Google Photos app for Android just updated with a “Recently Added” search filter.This recently added search filter is something that many people have been waiting to see, and it’s finally here!

We are so hyped that this feature has finally come to those using the Android version of Google Photos. This is going to be incredibly helpful and useful for those on Android. Read on to learn more about this search filter and how it will help you.

Recently Added Search Filter Hits Google Photos for Android

The “Recently Added” search filter used to only be a web-only option, which you would notice if you use the web version of Google Photos often. While the web version had this search filter, those on Android waited a long time for this option to finally become available. You might remember that it was only a week ago that a huge redesign landed on Google Photos for Android. It was pretty big news and one that many people had been waiting for, but it wasn’t nearly as great as we’d hoped it would be.

In that update, we received a three-tab redesign as well as a different map view and a new fan-shaped icon. The one thing we didn’t see in that huge redesign was this “Recently Added” search filter.

This feature allows you to see all of the pictures that have been recently uploaded. It doesn’t matter when you actually took the picture either. If the picture was a few years old but you just uploaded it recently, you’d see it under this “Recently Added” section. That is something we love since many people upload old pictures all of the time. It’s going to make sorting and sending or printing pictures much easier than ever before.

Google Photos Finally Brings Recently Added to Android & It’s Automatic

If you’re wondering how easy it is to use this new feature, well it’s essentially automatic. Once you’ve uploaded pictures, regardless of when the photos were actually taken, just go to the “Search” section. Within this section, there will be an option to click on “Recently Added” which can be found under the “Your Activity” area. You will then see all of your pictures within Google Photos and they will be there in order from the upload date.

This new “Recently Added” ability allows you to share, edit, and place pictures into a new album much easier since it’s by when you uploaded it and not by the date the picture was actually taken. Previous to this change, you had all of your pictures sorted by reverse-chronological order from the date that the picture was taken.

That meant the pictures you more recently took were on top, and those that you recently uploaded which were taken a long time ago were pushed towards the bottom. It was more difficult to find old pictures this way, especially when you couldn’t remember when you actually took them. This new “Recently Added” feature allows you to see all of those old pictures you took and just uploaded right there on the top.

New Recently Added Search Filter A Server-Side Update for Google Photos on Android

It’s important to note that this new “Recently Added” search filter option is coming to you as a server-side update on Google Photos for Android. You will need to be running version 5.0 or higher of Google Photos in order to get this server-side update.

Once you’ve updated to version 5 you will likely see the update sometime within the next week. This update with “Recently Added” isn’t available for everyone yet, but it’s slowly rolling out as we speak. By the end of next week, we’d expect that everyone will have this new search filter.

Once you’ve had the chance to try out the new “Recently Added” search filter, we want you to come back here and tell us all about it. Are you happy that this new search option is finally available for those on Android? Have you been using the web version of Google Photos since it already had this feature? Are you someone that often uploads old photos just so you have them stored in a safe place? What other features do you hope to see in future Google Photos updates?