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Popular APP Just Press Record Recently Updated

Oct 5, 2015

Even though the iPhone has a pre-installed Dictaphone app, many people feel like it could always be better, more efficient and easier to record sounds. Just Press Record is an application that allows you to easily record sounds with just a single press of a button.

The Just Press Record application works on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and even on Macs. The sounds that you have recorded on your device are saved on your iCloud Drive, allowing you to easily access them from other devices.

Make unlimited recordings and share them with everyone


With the Just Press Record application, you can make an unlimited amount of recordings by simply pressing on the record button. In fact, as long as you have enough storage space in your iCloud Drive, you are able to continue making audio recordings. The application itself does not limit the amount of records that you can make, which means that it entirely depends on yourself and the amount of storage that you make available for your audio recordings.

The Just Press Record application also makes it easy to share your audio recordings with your friends, if you wish to do so. There is a build-in sharing system, which allows you to select on which platform you would like to share your recordings, and simply send them on their way.

Another nice feature about the Just Press Record application is that you can continue recording sounds, even while you are using different applications on your device. The recording only stops when you tell the application to stop recording. The audio quality itself is pretty decent and the application works nicely and responds quickly, which is pretty important for an audio-recording application.

Make offline recordings with the Apple Watch app


The Just Press Record application is also available on the Apple Watch and is adapted for watchOS 2, which means that it runs natively on all Apple Watches. It also means that the application will work flawlessly and will respond quickly, just like on the iPhone version of the Just Press Record application.

For example, if you are in a conversation or you are hearing things that you want to record, you can simply start the recording on your Just Press Record Apple Watch application. The nice thing about the Apple Watch application is that you do not need to be near your iPhone, because the Apple Watch version of Just Press Record also supports offline recordings.

Once your Apple Watch connects back to your iPhone, the recordings that you have made will be automatically uploaded to your iCloud Drive, allowing you to listen to your recordings on other devices. You are also able to listen to your recordings directly from your Apple Watch, which might look a bit funny, but it does work flawlessly.

The recordings that you make with your Apple Watch also have a pretty decent quality, and whenever you listen back to your recordings on other devices, you won’t notice that you made those recordings with your Apple Watch. The Just Press Record application saves everything in the standard iTunes format (M4A and AAC).

The iPad version of the Just Press Record application is also adapted for iOS 9. This allows you to run the application simultaneously alongside other applications by using Split View mode on your iPad. The Mac version of the application runs at the top menu bar in OS X, allowing you to easily start and stop recording sounds. Even without the Mac version of the application, you can easily find your recordings on your iCloud Drive by using the Finder.

Why should you use Just Press Record?


Just Press Record is a nice application to quickly record sounds on multiple devices. The application itself works on iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches and is also separately available on Macs. The Just Press Record application is especially impressive on the Apple Watch, allowing you to quickly record sounds with excellent sound quality.

The fact that you can record sounds on your Apple Watch while you are offline, is very ideal for people who are not always near their iPhone. It is also nice that the recordings are automatically uploaded to your iCloud Drive, for easy access over multiple devices.

The $2,99 price tag might be a little high, but if you are looking for an efficient and easy application in order to record sounds without much fuss, Just Press Record is definitely the application for you.

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