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Relationship Game Florence Now on Android

Mar 18, 2018

The hit relationship game Florence has finally landed on Android after first launching on iOS a month ago. Florence has been a hit since it was released due to it having an interactive storyboard. In this game, you follow Florence, who is a protagonist. Her first relationship has been a whirlwind and provides some fresh air for he mundane life. Did we mention that the lead designer of Monument Valley had developed this game? Read on to learn more details about Florence being released on Android.

Relationship Game Florence Finally Hits Android

Florence is a pretty emotional game, since it is dealing with a relationship and the various components to a relationship. This mobile game became such a hit on iOS that it quickly went to the Editor’s Choice list on Apple’s App Store. The interactive storyboard aspect to this game is pretty intriguing.

We follow Florence through her first relationship journey. There are a lot of cool things about this game, including the soundtrack that is all orchestrated. If you remember what your first love felt like, you will fall deep into the story of Florence and her first real love. There are high-highs and low-lows when it comes to relationships, as we all know.

In terms of the art and graphics of Florence, it looks similar to a graphic novel or a comic book. There are many chapters in this game, including guides in the beginning to teach you about the mechanics. The mechanics in the game are simple to figure out, including things like scrolling around and looking at various panels. Florence does everyday things like brush her teeth, and you have to use a dial to get her camera to go into focus. Everything is smooth in Florence and the continuity of the game is narrative-driven.

Florence is a More Story-Driven Game Than Strategic or Advanced

Monument Valley is a much more difficult game than Florence, even though the developer is behind both games. Florence does not require a lot of skill or advanced strategy to get through the chapters, which his a good thing for some people. The emotional story-driven aspects of the game is where it is at in this game.

The storyline is the entire point of this game, so we do not want to tell you too much about what is all involved here. This game is like a vignette in terms of scenes and episodes through the chapters. You might be thinking back into your past when you play this game, especially if you have had some emotional relationships in your past.

Florence is also not a very long game on Android, as you can complete it in about an hour. There are no in-app purchases in the game, which is pretty cool. The game is not free though, but it only will cost you $2.99 on Google play Store. No hidden costs or purchases are found in the game, so once you pay the price to download the game, that is all there is.

If you like graphic novels, then you will love this game because this is such a very graphically detailed and emotional game. There are also puzzles in the game you have to complete at certain points. The narrative-driven aspect will leave you wanting to continue playing through the chapters. You will find yourself immersed in the everyday life of Florence and her quest with her relationship.

Florence Maintains High Rating on iOS

The only bad part about Florence is that you probably will not find this game fun to replay. Basically, once you have completed the game one time, you pretty much are done with it. On Apple’s App Store, this game has managed to maintain about a 4.6 rating, which is pretty amazing for just a story-driven emotional game. We expect that the Google Play Store version of the game is also going to have a high review score, especially since this game will become even more popular with the Android release.

We want to hear from you about Florence and what you think about this game. Have you played it on iOS previously? Do you think that these single narrative-driven games are going to get more popular as the years go on? Sometimes the story becomes more important and more impressive than the strategy or skill involved in a game. Do you agree that games with a story and narrative are better than just games where you shoot enemies or do other things? If you have played this game, let us know in the comments what you think about it. We want to know whether you are thinking about getting this game on Android or not.