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Release Date for King’s Knight – Wrath of the Dark Dragon

Mar 1, 2017

King’s Knight – Wrath of the Dark Dragon

King’s Knight Wrath of the Dark Dragon puts you into the world of Final Fantasy. It is a remake of the 1986 hit from Square Enix which was called King’s Knight. It was recently reported in early 2016 that there would be a full fledged remake of the classic game for the mobile platform. This was actually one of the first games that Square Enix has ever released and it is what some would say is the first game to really get the RPG genre off the ground and into the mainstream gaming media.

King’s Knight will put players into the world of Final Fantasy 15, featuring all of the characters and encounters that occur in this game. If you played through Final Fantasy 15, you may have noticed that Noctis, the lead protagonist, was playing a game on his phone while waiting for his friends or while you were away from the game. This game was actually King’s Knight and this is where fans got the idea that a King’s Knight remake was in the making. The game was already launched in October of 2016 for the Australian mobile platform, but is set for a full on release in the summer of 2018. The game is a side scrolling game with RPG elements.

The game starts off in the kingdom of Izander, where a dragon has kidnapped the princess. It is up to four heroes to hunt down the dragon and save the princess and the entire kingdom. The four heroes include Ray Jack who is a warrior, Kaliva who is a wizard, Barusa who is a giant, and lastly Toby who is a thief. It is up to these few heroes to take on the task and use their powers to take down all of the enemies that they encounter. These are just the characters that have been announced so far, according to the developers, there are over 50 characters and companions that will be available throughout the game.

Since the game is a side scrolling RPG, the game will progress in a very linear way. Players will progress through the kingdom where they will encounter all kinds of enemies and must use turn based combat to take them down. Players will also have to dodge obstacles that block the path and utilize all aspects of the classic RPG game. The game has already shown that players will have the ability to take on many different side quests and have their own companion animal as a side kick.

It has been announced that King’s Knight will have a multiplayer mode which will allow four players to connect together and band together to go on this quest. There hasn’t been much more released about the multiplayer than that, but it is very comforting to see Square Enix think about players who want the feeling of going on this journey with their friends. I would speculate that the story that the multiplayer players go on is something similar to that of the regular story mode, but it would be an amazing feature if there was an entirely different story. The creators have announced that the data and progress in multiplayer will be locally saved on each device, so if you only have three of the four players, you can still embark on the quest without that last player.

The developers have also put out that there will be in app purchases for King’s Knight. It is a free to play and free to download game, so the aspects that will be paid for are only for cosmetic purposes. I imagine that there will not be any elements of the game that are not accessible without purchase. There might be exclusive weapons or pets that one must pay for, but the game in inherently free and can be played as such.

The developers have announced that this game will not be exclusive to any one platform. It will be fully released at the same time for both the Apple mobile store and the Android marketplace. This is a great thing to hear so that players who are die hard fans of the series will not be excluded just because they have a different phone! Everyone should and will be able to enjoy all that this game has to offer. You can already pre register for the game where you might get early access to the game and some exclusive offers. You can pre register for the game by going here (https://prelaunch.me/android/NjU2)

King’s Knight – Wrath of the Dark Dragon Release Date

Similar to myself, many fans have been anticipating the release of this game since it was announced. The developers have already had to delay the launch of the game once, so hopefully this time the release date of summer 2017 will be firm. I love to see more from the development team that made Final Fantasy, as it puts you into a world that you cannot normally enter. The story aspects of any Final Fantasy game have always been what have made them so special, so I am positive that King’s Knight will not disappoint and live up to all of the expectations that we have, especially considering the delay of the release. Although it is not the same team that worked on the original game back in the 80s, the developers have said that they have stayed true to the game’s form and have not deviated from the core aspects. This last note is a great thing to hear because many times the remake will try to incorporate the newest of the new technology and will often times stray from what made the game a classic in the first place.