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Remove duplicate files from your Android devices: Duplicate Files Fixer Review

Mar 25, 2016

Remove duplicate files from your Android devices: Duplicate Files Fixer Review: It is necessary for our devices to get a cleaning checkup in every few days to make it work efficaciously. The cleaning process includes removal of useless apps, cache memory and duplicate files, photos, videos and documents. The cache memory and uninstallation of apps can be done painlessly but what about duplicate remover to delete duplicates from the device.

Duplicates of files are engendered in our phones and that is inevitable. This is so because the user uses WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook and many other apps which require the internet. So, this leads to the formation of duplicate files. Additionally, an apparent reason is that the user works on an existing file, but, later on, makes changes to it and preserve it as a new document, again, engendering a duplicate document.

So, there is no need to take pain since an app is available which will make your work automated, that is, Duplicate Files Fixer. It has an alluring interface which will help to abstract clutter from your phone to enhance its performance.Duplicate Files Fixer

Let’s get familiar with Duplicate Files Fixer. Here we go!

Scanning options

The Duplicate Files Fixer sanctions users to scan their device according to their wish. This implicatively suggests that they can scan their whole device and opt for “”full scan” option, otherwise they can individually scan audios, videos, pictures and other documents.Duplicate Files Fixer app

Your device; your way to search duplicates

In order to get your device scanned, whether it is partially or wholly, the user can set criteria for probing and abstracting duplicates. Simply go to Settings tab and set the criteria.

The options to probe for duplicates consists of probing with the same name, same content, zero byte files, and listing hidden files and folders in the full scan process.Duplicate Files Fixer settings

Use of ignore list

The ignore list present in the Duplicate Files Fixer facilitates user to elude a file from being scanned. This can be used when the utilizer has stuffed some important information in a folder and he does not want to get it scanned, that time, he can intelligibly put that folder on the ignore list. It won’t be scanned and will remain untouched.

However, the user can also alter the ignore list by integrating or abstracting files and folder from it.Duplicate Files Fixer Img

Remove duplicates with ease

Once the criteria have been set for looking out duplicates in the device, the user can commence the process of scanning. The scanning process will engender the result by extracting the duplicate media, duplicate photos, and files from the device in a group-sapient manner.Duplicate Files Fixer Music

The duplicates are engendered group-wise for the facility of the user. This will avail user in determining the duplicate one, since the pristine one remains unmarked and hence, is secured from accidental deletion as well.Duplicate Files Fixer Image

Another thing to note that is that the user has an option to efface the files that are auto-marked by the application or he can also preview them and mark them manually afore deleting files to ascertain that no erroneous file gets deleted.  After selecting the duplicate files, just pat on the option, “delete now” and Duplicate Files Fixer will remove duplicates instantly.Duplicate Files Fixer Scanning

The Duplicate Files Fixer offers an option of Tutorial for the starters. This will avail user to understand the mechanism of this application which works as duplicate file finder so that he can utilize it in a better way to obtain a fruitful result.

 Miscellaneous options

The Duplicate Files Fixer has other sundry options in it. The other options include “Rate Us”, “Feedback”, and “share app”.

So, the user can rate the application according to his experience with this application. The user can straightforwardly provide his valuable feedback to make developers aware how his experience has been with this app or if he has something significant to apportion.Duplicate Files Fixer App View

And certainly, the user can share the app with his friends and family through WhatsApp, Bluetooth, and messaging.

So, rather than just reading out about Duplicate Files Fixer, download and try it to clean your device from duplicates and extract precious space in it. Grab it now!google play