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Report: Apple could be making an a giant iPhone

Mar 10, 2016

Apple could be making an a giant iPhone: One of the biggest tech companies, Apple brings out a phone which is a giant. The company brings its biggest sized phone which has OLED screen screen too. The phone is supposed to be having a screen size of 5.8 inch. The organic light emitting diode is also a huge fascination.Apple could be making an a giant iPhone

Report: Apple could be making an a giant iPhone

It is the first time that Apple is implementing the OLED display in their phones and is great news. The OLED display in not something exotic. We have found it in almost all Samsung smart phones specially the Galaxy series. Currently, the largest screen that Apple used is 5.5 inch which we saw in the Apple iPhone 6s Plus which had LCD screen. The phone also had capacitive touch screen feature.

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According to recent news, the company was supposed to use the OLED screen in the year 2017 but they release in a tear earlier to every one’s excitement. They will be implementing it in their gadgets which will be launched this year itself.

However they have declared that due to limited resources they will not be using a superior technology but they will surely improve it in the feature, probably in the next year.

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They company also is considering a curved design for the new gadgets. However they claim that there is not sufficient time to look into the design of the phone. They are highly focused on the fact that they wish to use the OLED screen for their gadgets this year itself.

The company is also supposed to use the dual camera feature in the iPhone 7 Plus which will be launched pretty fast. The phone will be equipped with dual cameras and they company named the feature as iPhone Pro. The iPhone 7 is supposed to be coming in two variants- one will be consisting of a single lens camera and the second variant will be equipped with a dual lens camera.

The phones will release soon with new features. Apple makes another leap and is about to release a phone with a giant screen. Get to know more about it from further updates.