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Report: Google may be working on next 3D Touch sensitive screen

Mar 5, 2016

Google may be working on next 3D Touch sensitive screen: Now your favorite smart phones will get very touchy. Are you excited? Google has been working a lot on the 3D touch which is a revolutionary innovation that will take the smart phones to a different level altogether. There is news that the upcoming Nexus device which is about to launch has the pressure sensitive feature implemented in it. Whether the news if for real or not is still not revealed, but lets keep our fingers crossed. The company is trying further to make it better and more effective.Google Play

Google may be working on next 3D Touch sensitive screen

The Chinese Twitter account gives us the news. They also let us know that the other companies in the smart phone industry are working in implementing this feature into their phones too. The companies are trying to make it standard. They say that it is a bit difficult to use this feature in the handsets because the different smart phones have different standards. The companies mentioned are Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC and several others.

The fact that the standards of all the tech companies are different is the reason why all the smart phone companies cannot adopt to this feature. Thus, Google is trying hard to make a unified version and launching it so that all the companies can use thus feature. The unified version will help the app developers too.

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The Nexus smart phones are surely going to be a rival to all the handsets with the implementation of this feature. They will also give a competition to the Apple gadgets.

The Apple iPhone 6 and 6s has the 3D touch feature. This feature is very user friendly and helps you access apps and other things via shortcuts. This technology is something that is totally new and innovative and is being used in smart phones for the first time.

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Although the 3D touch has been a hit for the Apple products, it is still not quite wise to predict whether this feature will be working well on the Android handsets or not. But since Google is trying to make the feature even better, things may just work out well.