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Report: Microsoft to buy Swiftkey for $250 million

Feb 6, 2016

Report: Microsoft to buy Swiftkey for $250 million: World’s leading company, Microsoft, has recently bought the SwiftKey will a huge amount of $250 million. One of the most popular keyboard makers that bring out several keyboard apps which are available on Android, the SwiftKey, is now Microsoft’s. This British based keyboard maker has sold it to Microsoft at quite a lot of money. The leading technical company, Microsoft has stated that they will be using the SwiftKey feature in their mobile devices to make it more user friendly. Also note, SwiftKey smartest keyboard now can guess your sentence two letters ahead of the cursor.

Microsoft to buy Swiftkey for $250 million
Microsoft to buy Swiftkey for $250 million

The SwiftKey has made several popular and useful apps that have attracted the attention of more that 300 millions and have made a huge hype. They make keyboard apps with fascinating and helpful features for Android as well as Apple. The help us get rid of the monotonous mainstream default keyboards and provide exciting ones which are good to work with.

Although the price at which the company is sold is yet not officially out and thus, not confirmed. But there are reports that the amount is certainly around 250 million dollars. The price and other details were kept confidential and not disclosed over the media.

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The SwiftKey is a symbol of intelligence which provides a lot better, efficient and intuitive way to keyboards. There are many gestures which help typing a lot better. And now, when it is in the hands of Microsoft, they are bound to expand its boundaries and improve even further to perfection.

The Microsoft vice president involved in research and technology, Harry Shum, said that in a world where mobiles play a crucial role in our lives and holds the first position in the priority list, SwiftKey technology will make us liable to more personalized computing experiences that satisfies our need and also goes a great extent towards responding to all our demands. It supports the ambition and reinvents productivity acting like the intelligent cloud.

According to the statistical data by SwiftKey, it has been estimated that there are already more that ten trillion keystrokes that have been saved by the several users in more than a hundred languages. That saves approximately more than ten thousand years if combined typing time is considered.

Microsoft also promises that they would still make the keyboard facilities available for all the platforms and not just for Windows. That was a relief. They also look forward in continuing to develop and improve the keyboard apps for Android as well as iOS.

They also plan to put in the SwiftKey technology to all the Microsoft devices to make it more efficient. They will explore more features and use the core technology to improve their products. The founders of SwiftKey, Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock said that it was certainly a right decision to join the Microsoft. Eight years before the current year the two founders realized that there was definitely a need for a better way to type on smartphones and they had to find it.

A long journey followed and currently hundreds of millions people are using the keyboards.