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Report: New Google Nexus smartphone may come with iPhone 6s 3D Touch display

Mar 6, 2016

New Google Nexus smartphone may come with iPhone 6s 3D Touch display: The upcoming Google Nexus smartphone that will launch this year is going to rival the iPhone 7 which may launch in September this year. This new google phone will feature iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch display and Nexus VR. It seems that this 3D touch will become very common from next year in Android phones, will Apple be able to survive and remains a front-runner still? Apple was the first manufacturer that used a more realistic sense of touch in smartphone screens with technology like 3D touch. But now android is also catching up soon and the credits goes to the 2016 Google Nexus smartphone. According to reports this nexus device is going to be manufactured by none other than HTC with pressure sensitive display technology in it.Google Nexus 6p Black, Google Nexus smartphone

This feature will be made standard for Android by Google as per speculations. Not only this HTC-google team is working on this technology but also several other phone manufacturing companies such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Meizu and Oppo. They too are working in mobiles with 3D touch facility and recently one of the company Gionee launched a phone named Elife S8 which claims to have the same 3D touch display feature in it.

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One of the main problems regarding this feature in Android phones by far is that it lacks support from app developers for this pressure-sensitive displays. This has hampered the proliferation of the technology for now but with google working on it may give us some hope as developers are likely to give support for this feature.  This feature could be used by ZTE and Huawei for apps that they have already preinstalled on their handsets. Google will not keep this 3D Touch exclusively for Nexus devices but it will integrate in Android devices as well. The force-sensitive technology is also not going to back out in the long run as it promises to make better applications from now that will add texture, temperature and also sound to our screens. Whereas the pressure-sensitive feature allows to interact more easily with their devices which has the ability to mimic response of real buttons and feel them.

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