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Reporting Spam Texts & Calls Within Apps Coming in iOS 12

Jun 12, 2018

Did you know that in the upcoming iOS 12 release, you will be able to report spam texts and calls within various apps? We have learned a lot of information about iOS 12 in the past couple weeks, but this feature is one that has been overlooked.

Once iOS 12 is released, you will notice that app developers will have the ability to create this new extension. If you enable the extension within the app you are using, you could then block and report spam texts and calls. We have all of the latest information about this new iOS 12 feature, so keep reading to learn more.

Ability to Report Spam Texts & Calls Through Apps Supported in iOS 12

One really cool feature coming to iOS 12 that we wanted to tell you about is the ability to report spam texts and calls. You will have this ability through other apps beyond the Apple Messages app, and it will be in the form of an extension. Any app developer can incorporate this extension into their app, giving you the ability to report these unwanted texts or phone calls. It is about time that the ability to report calls and texts as spam extends beyond the native messaging app on iOS.

Any developers can add the extension called “Unwanted Communication” into their app, but you would have to enable this feature within the Settings. Once you have enabled the setting for that particular app, you can then just go into “Recents” and then swipe left. The “Report” ability will be right there for you to click on. If you are going through the Apple Messages app, you might have already notice the swipe left ability allows you to report text messages. You are able to also long-press the message to bring up the “Report” option in Messages.

Reporting Spam Texts & Calls Just Got Easier for Third-Party Apps

Once you have reported the offending text message or call, the extension will be launched. The extension will be gathering more information from you about the call or text message. If you want to report a call, just click on “Recents” and then click “Report” from there. For the messages, there will be a “Report Messages” option or you can long-press the message or messages, and then click “Report Messages.”

The Unwanted Communication extension will then automatically be launched to gather more information. This information is used to device whether the number should just be blocked or be reported. The really cool part about this is that it is Apple allowing for third-parties to build their own extension as opposed to be being a native Apple feature. When it comes to how this new feature works, it will only work for SMS messages and phone calls. Even though it is limited to the phone calls and text messages, this is definitely a huge addition people should get excited about.

Feature Allowing Reporting of Spam Calls & Texts on iOS 12 Could Be Due to Dispute

If you were wondering why Apple is allowing this now, it might be going back to a feud that Apple is having with regulators in India. While we do not know for sure if it was one of the reasons this new feature is being rolled out, the dispute Apple has had within the past year seems relevant.

The regulators over in India have accused Apple of being anti-consumer due to the company being against approving an application that was designed by the government. The application that the regulatory body wanted Apple to approve would have given people the option to block and report sales calls that were unwanted.

The Worldwide Developers Conference sure has given us a ton of new details about iOS 12. The new reporting feature for spam calls and messages was just a small part of the Apple presentation. We want to hear from you on what you think about iOS 12? Specifically, do you like this new ability to report spam calls and texts from other apps? Is this a feature that you think a lot of other app developers for iOS will be quick to add an extension for? Overall, what are your thoughts and opinions on iOS 12, including this new feature? Be sure to leave us a comment below and tell us what you are thinking about the new iOS 12 and whether or not you will be one of the first to upgrade to the newest operating system.