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Rescue Lucy Hack & Cheats for Keys & No Ads Unlock

Mar 21, 2018

Are you ready for a terrifying adventure in the depths of a haunted mansion? Even if your answer is yes, be aware that you might be spooked by the horrors that await! When your dog Lucy is lost in the woods, her tracks lead you to an abandoned mansion, and you can’t help but step inside to save your beloved pet. There is no coming back now, you must adventure from room to room, from monster to monster and rescue Lucy in 2016!

Rescue Lucy is the newest point and click adventure game created by Starodymov. A few other titles by the same developer are Stickman Killer, Stickman Sniper, Old House – Escape and Home Darkness – Escape, among a few others.

Ratings wise Rescue Lucy has an almost perfect 4.9/5 stars rating on the Google Play Store, while it’s not yet available on the Apple App Store in 2016. Even though the game is only close to the 100,000th download mark, it has already received such an outstanding rating which is rare these days. Does that mean that this is a close to perfect horror adventure? Read on to find out, if you dare!

About Rescue Lucy

The story of Rescue Lucy begins with a short cutscene, where the dog Lucy and a little girl as her owner are walking in the woods, when suddenly Lucy runs off into the darkness. She hastily chases after the dog and ends up at a mysterious looking abandoned mansion. This scene is reminiscent of so many horror stories, but she can’t help and end up entering after her doggie friend.


This is where you, as the player take control. In this point and click, or point and tap adventure, your job is to find your way through this huge mansion, move from room to room to find Lucy, then leave. This might sound easier at first than it is in reality, as there will be a great number of obstacles in your way, and not all of these obstacles are nice either.

The main gameplay mechanic is moving through doors by tapping on them, collecting various items from the room, then trying to find ways to move forward into new rooms. You will find curious items such as skeleton heads, ancient scrolls and mysterious liquids, but there will also be mundane items like a rake, spray paint, bucket of water and so on.

The items that you pick up are stored in your inventory, and all of them have some kind of use, while some can even be combined. For example, you will be able to combine a knife with a stake later on in the game, which then sorts these two items into a new single slot in the inventory.

There will be a lot of keys found throughout the game as well, as most doors can be opened with these. But it’s not as easy as opening a lock, collecting a new key then moving on, as there are a great number of monsters in Rescue Lucy, awaiting your approach. These monsters usually guard certain rooms, and once you enter these rooms, you will have five seconds to either destroy the monster somehow, or leave the room before they attack. Once you get attacked, you immediately die and have to restart from the previous room.

Most monsters have a special item linked to them, and you can destroy them with said item. All you have to do is choose the right item from the inventory, then tap on the monster to take care of it. For example, a bucket of water is a great solution to extinguishing a flaming skeleton! Some of these monsters will even drop items on their death, further aiding your descent into the depths of the house.

Since Rescue Lucy doesn’t provide much in the way of assistance for the player, you will have to find solutions on your own, or by looking up cheats. The game doesn’t have anything in the form of a pointer on where to go and what to do, and all you know is that you have to find Lucy, who is somewhere in the house. Therefore this is an adventure that requires patience at times.


This is a game that doesn’t feature any kind of ingame currency, shop or anything similar, but it does have ads though. There is a banner ad at the top of the screen all the way through the gameplay, and rarely there might be a few pop-in ads as well. Fortunately, there is an option to permanently disable these by paying $0.99.

Cheats & Tips for Rescue Lucy

Cheats for Rescue Lucy are all related to the gameplay, as there are no currencies available in the game. You might find yourself stuck at certain parts in this adventure game, and the following cheats can provide help with that! Don’t worry, if you are only curious about some tips and tricks, I have some of those ready as well!

First things first, you might be one of those players who had trouble dealing with the various monsters in the game. This is not surprising, as the five seconds that you have to take care of them might not feel like enough at times, especially when you have to search your inventory for an item during that time. There is a cheat that allows you to bypass this time limit though, but you need to know what item to use on the monster.

If you do, then just stand outside of the room where the monster is located, choose the correct item and only then enter. This way you will have the item at the ready, and all that is left is tapping on the monster, for which five seconds is more than enough.


Another thing that will help you a great deal is the knowledge that certain doors have to be opened with items other than keys. One door will need a skeleton finger, while another will need a toxic spray to open. Try to think outside of the box at times, as not all solutions make sense at first!

The most serious one of the cheats for Rescue Lucy is definitely the fact that you can just look up a full walkthrough of the game online. Once you get stuck and nothing seems to work, you can consider checking for a walkthrough on Youtube, as there is a perfect one uploaded by Sid Rayn, which walks you through the whole experience in five minutes. Even better, there is a little Youtube button in the main menu of the game, which directly takes you to the Youtube app, making it easy to watch the video during gameplay.

Rescue Lucy Review

Point and click adventure games always had a fanbase behind them, and with the introduction of the genre on mobile, they became even more popular thanks to the ease of use on the touchscreen. Rescue Lucy is one of the newer additions to the grand list, and it aims to fill the role of a haunted house adventure. Does it do a good enough job though?

As far as the story of the game goes, there isn’t much of a specialty here, as this is a general horror story setup, with a short cutscene and not much of a story progression past that. The game put me in charge shortly after watching said cutscene, and all that was left was entering the mansion.


I must say that graphically the game looks gorgeous, there is a lot of details on each scene, and the building truly felt abandoned and terrifying at parts. That being said, the graphics also made it tricky to realize what is an item that can be picked up, and what is part of the decoration or background. This often cause me to repeatedly tap on parts of a scene that looked like a bunch of items, but were actually just decoration.

As for the inventory and items system of Rescue Lucy, this is very standard and similar to what other adventure games use. The only complaint of mine here is that none of the items have any descriptions, and there were two or three moments when I didn’t really know what an item actually was, until I got to use it on something. Other than that, there is a combine feature, which is used a few times throughout the game, but not as often as I would have expected.

Another important feature is the inclusion of the monsters, which act as little puzzles, but most of the time they are too easy to get rid of. Because it’s possible to exit the room where the monster resides, this makes it easy to keep reentering and leaving before the five seconds pass each time, trying a new item each time on the monster until it dies. The problem is that without abusing the system like this, the game will often have to be restarted from the previous room as five seconds is not enough for more than one item to be used.

That being said, this is a smaller problem than the fact that the only reason Rescue Lucy has any ”puzzles” is because there is literally not a single hint or help throughout the whole experience. Most rooms have some random items in them, and almost every single room has at least one or two keys, which opens another room in the building, then that one will have another key and so on. This turns the game into a tapfest after a while, since there are just so many doors and keys around.


Overall, Rescue Lucy is a game with beautiful design, but gameplay that is too simplistic and aimless to feel like a well thought out experience. It can be finished under 20 minutes on a first try, and any future tries will take five minutes maximum, which causes this to be a title that is hardly replayable.

Rescue Lucy Ratings

Artwork: The artwork of Rescue Lucy gets a 8/10. This is a very pretty game, with highly detailed backgrounds, environments and monsters. This is probably the strongest point of the game as of right now, although the banner ad at the top takes away some of the beauty.

Music & SFX: The music and SFX of the game deserves a 6/10. The music is chilly and atmospheric for a horror adventure, but sadly it’s very quiet for the most part. The problem with this is that the SFX of the monsters and doors are a lot louder, therefore increasing the volume to enjoy the music will make these painfully loud. An update to balance the volume is required to really enjoy the game’s audio.

Story & Originality: As for the story and origianality of Rescue Lucy, I give it a 5/10. The story is as barebones and basic as it gets in an adventure game. The dog runs away and ends up in a haunted mansion, and you have to find it. That is all there is to it, and the ending is not really satisfying either.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay gets a 5/10 from me. The basic idea of the game would be great, but sadly the execution of the gameplay mechanics is rather poor. Most puzzles and item combinations are either boring or don’t make much sense. There are a lot of keys laying around, making it trivial to progress, especially since defeating monsters is too easy for the most part. Thankfully the ads are reduced since the March 17th update, so at least there is some enjoyment to be found afterall.

Addictiveness: I give the addictiveness of this title a 4/10. At first you might feel addicted to the game, but once you get stuck for real, it will take away a lot of your motivation. This is because a lot of the puzzles require solutions that are not really obvious, yet not interesting either. The replayability is also low, as you have to do the exact same things again, if you decide to replay the game.

Overall Score: 5/10.