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Rider Updated – Bug Fixes & New Improvements

Aug 25, 2017

Rider is an arcade and endless progression game that is brought to you by Ketchapp Studios. Ketchapp are known for having amazingly addictive games that have fans coming back and back for more of their games. Some of their most famous games include The Floor is Lava, Rider, Stack, and Jelly Jump. Rider is a game that puts you in control of a motorcycle who must go on an endless track and flip and jump around in order to collect as many gems as you can, and get through as much of the track as you can. Rider is available for both the Android Google Play Store, and the Apple IOS store, so fans need not worry about which phone they have in order to enjoy this endless motorcycle madness game. Currently, Rider has well over one million installations, with an average rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 total stars. Rider was only recently released, and is still receiving a lot of support from the developers with monthly updates that add a ton of new features to the game each time.

Rider is an endless runner style of game where you take control of a motorcycle in the hopes of going as far as you can and avoiding all of the different gaps and obstacles that you may face along the day. The game has a randomly generated world, so each time you play the game, the map will change ever slightly so that it does not feel as if you are playing the same exact rendition of the game each time you load it up. There are over 100 different challenges that players can complete, each of which makes the player challenge themselves in the sense that they will have to play a certain style of way in order to complete the challenge. There are 40 different styles of bikes that players can collect, each of which has a different personality and style to them, so there are plenty of incentives to save up your diamonds and collect all of the bikes. There are also daily login rewards, and 32 different levels that the player can choose from, each of which offers a different theme of style to the track.

Rider does have in app purchases for real money, however, there is no premium currency to the game. The most popular in app purchase is the double value, which permanently doubles the amount of diamonds that you get each time you complete a level. That power up costs two dollars, and lasts forever as long as you are playing the game. It is also worth noting that any in app purchase for real money, will remove the ads from the game, which is a great deal if you are a fan of the game. The game has a ton of ads, most of which are extremely annoying and get in the way after you play a game. It definitely ruins the smooth feeling of the game, and frustrates a lot of fans of the game. On top of those purchases, you can choose to purchase diamonds at a few different bundles, but you can get those diamonds by simply playing the game. It might seem like a bit of a grind to some players, but you most certainly do not have to pay to have access to any of the custom motorcycles or themes that the game has to offer.

Rider Cheats and Tips

The first and most important tip that I can provide for Rider is to make sure you get a hang of the movement in this game. It is extremely important to practice doing your jumps and your tricks if you wish to get the best possible score, as your movement will ultimately determine how far you get along a track. Although there is no set practice mode, you can easily play on the beginner tracks and get a hang of what is going on in an easy environment.

In addition to having your movement down, it is important to login to the game daily in order to receive your daily prizes and pick up some daily challenges. Doing all of the challenges are extremely important because it will help you get to your goal of unlocking more styles of bikes, and different themes to the tracks. There are not really any ‘best’ motorcycles to unlock, it completely depends on what appeals to you, so you should definitely unlock a motorcycle whenever you are getting tired of looking at your current one. Rider offers players the choice to pick from one of 40 different motorcycles, so I would definitely take advantage of this by collecting as many of them as you can. In addition to motorcycles, there are ten different themes that change the color scheme of the maps which make the game look amazing and hypnotic at times. These changes make the game feel fresh whenever you think you are getting bored of looking at the same scenery time and time again.

As it stands now, there are no cheats that you can download for Rider in order to get more gems or diamonds. The only way to get diamonds is to collect them in game, or to purchase them for real money through the store. If there are ever any developments and cheats do appear, I will be sure to update the article and supply you with the information needed to get them.

As for my thoughts on Rider, I think the game is definitely an addictive game as it is advertised, but it does feel similar to some of the other games that Ketchapp offers. Though, it does have a unique theme and the levels have beautiful color design that appeals to me, the game does feel like it is lacking some unique elements to it. The game is also brought down by the fact that there are a ton of advertisements implemented and you must actually purchase something from the store in order to remove them. There should be some sort of deal where if you make any purchase on any Ketchapp game, you will always have ads removed. Though this will never happen, it is just a thought. I would definitely recommend this game because it’s a fun and addicting game to those who have not played a similar style of game.