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River City Ransom: Underground Pulled Off Steam

Jul 17, 2017

If you have a Steam account, you might be interested in knowing that River City Ransom: Underground was just removed from Steam. This is thanks to a request that was filed with Valve regarding River City Ransom: Underground being on Steam. We have all of the latest information about why this game was removed from Steam and what that means for other game developers.

River City Ransom: Underground Removed From Steam After DMCA

The reason why River City Ransom: Underground was removed from Steam stems from the fact that there was a DMCA request issued. This means that the game had to be removed from Steam due to copyright issues. If you try to go to Steam and purchase or search for the game, you will no longer be able to find it on the Steam Store.

If you have keys that came from the Humble Store, you also will not be able to use these keys or redeem them through Steam. There is a River City Ransom: Underground discussion board on Steam which is where an official statement about the situation was made.

In the official statement on the Steam discussion board, the QA Lead for Conatus Creative, Andrew Merrit talked about this decision. He said that the company is aware that River City Ransom: Underground is now no longer on Steam and that Conatus Creative has been in contact with the copyright department over at Steam. The company said that access should be restored to the game, and that the company would make sure to let people know when that happens.

This is not really something new in terms of computer games, as there are plenty of other games that have also run into issues dealing with copyright in the past. If the company is telling the truth and is legit, this should be an issue that is worked out within a few weeks and should not really impact the game for that long of a time. It does stink though, that until this legal situation is worked out, the game will not be on Steam.

More on River City Ransom: Underground Removal

There were a ton of DMCA complaints that were on YouTube videos that showed River City Ransom: Underground. Alex Mauer filed these complaints, and according to Conatus Creative, the company responded to these complaints previously. The company confirmed they were not at all behind the complaints, and they said that Alex produced work for River City Ransom: Underground as a sub-contractor. He was not alone on producing work for River City Ransom: Underground, and the company believes it, not Alex, owns the material and collaboration from within the game.

In terms of the game itself, it was a Kickstarter that has $217,643CA from over 5,170 backers. It was back in February 2017 when River City Ransom: Underground was released on the PC. You can still find the game on the Humble Store as well as the GOG, so while you might not be able to purchase it on Steam right now, there are other options.

If you go to GOG or Humble, you will have to pay $19.99 for the game. We will keep you updated on all things River City Ransom: Underground, including when it will be heading back to Steam after the copyright issue has been resolved by the Steam legal department.