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Rosetta Stone Brings New Features to iOS App

Mar 18, 2017

If you are using the language-learning software Rosetta Stone, you might be happy to know the iOS app just got a pretty big update. There are a ton of new features in the app, some of which people have been waiting a long time to get. We are going to tell you about all of the new features that Rosetta Stone on iOS has to offer.

Rosetta Stone iOS App Gets Phrasebook & More

In the new Rosetta Stone iOS update, we see a number of new features including the built-in phrasebook. If you head over to the “Extended Learning” section in the menu on the app, you will be able to find the new built-in phrasebook. The phrasebook allows you to see all of the most common phrases that you should know for the language you are trying to learn.

There are navigation questions and greetings in this phrasebook section, along with other phrases that you need to know. If you are on the go and learning a new language, then the new built-in phrasebook option will come in very handy. You must have a Rosetta Stone subscription in order to see this “Extended Learning” area with the phrasebook.

There is also now an audio companion feature, which allows you to listen to the audio lessons while on the go. The best part about the new audio companion feature is that you can listen to the audio lessons even if you are not near an internet connection. This works because you just need to download the audio lessons while still connected to the internet, and then you can queue up these audio lessons at a later time when you are offline. You can think of this as basically downloading the audio lessons so that you can still listen to them nearly anywhere that you might not have an internet connection.

If you plan on going out to the gym or shopping, simply download the audio lessons, and then you will be able to listen to them anytime anywhere without needing to rely on your internet connection to continue the courses. For people who live in rural areas and have spotty internet anyways, this is a great new feature to be able to download essentially and listen later.

Another new feature you will find in Rosetta Stone on iOS is the new Stories tool. This new Stories feature will allow you to both record stories in the language that you are learning and also read the stories in that language. You will then be able to get help with pronunciation of the words from the speech recognition software built into Rosetta Stone. The Stories feature will even give you real-time updates on how you are doing when it comes to reading the words aloud, which is pretty neat.

If you are not good when it comes to pronunciation and think you need some help learning how to say some words, then this new Stories feature will definitely be a useful tool that you can use. The best part about this Stories feature is that you will be able to record the Stories in the language, and then read those words back, which gives you two times learning the material as opposed to once.

If you would like to get the new built-in phrasebook and Stories features in Rosetta Stone for iOS, you will need to download the new iOS version now. If you have Rosetta Stone already on your iOS device, you should see the over-the-air update right now or within the next couple days. If you have a Rosetta Stone subscription but do not see the update on your iOS device, you also can head over to Apple’ App Store and download the new update for iOS right now.