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Rounded Square Icons Now Available for Android Developers

Apr 24, 2019

We have great news regarding the rounded square icons that are now a requirement for the Google Play Store. You might remember around a month ago Google sent out a memo that said Google Play Store apps and Chrome OS apps now must have a rounded square icon.

The app developers are now able to enable the new icon requirement on their apps. This is great news because it will bring everything up-to-date in terms of design. We have all of the latest information about the rounded square icons and what this means for Google Play Store, so read on to find out more.

Google Makes Rounded Square Icons Available for App Developers on Android

It’s about time that Google announced the rounded square icons are now available for app developers to enable right now for their Android apps. The rounded square app icon requirement was made public a month ago, and it’s a requirement for all Google Play apps and Chrome OS apps. Now, app developers can finally enable the icon specifications and bring everything up-to-date. If you have checked out the Google Contacts lately, then you will notice that the rounded square icons are already present.

For Google, the goal here is to be consistent when it comes to the Google Play Store and bring a cleaner look to the store overall. Google wants all devices and user interface layouts to look the same, which goes back to the consistency factor. With the rounded square app icon requirement, all apps on Google Play Store will have this updated look.

Transparent backgrounds are no longer allowed, which is sad news for some app developers. Google is automatically going to add the rounded corners to the app icons. The new requirements go for Android tablets, Chromebooks, and Android phones and it will be required for all apps heading to Google Play Store. Google is also dropping shadows and replacing them with icons too.

Rounded Square Icons on Google Play Store a Requirement by June 24

As you might or might not have heard, Google is making the rounded square icons a requirement by June 24. That doesn’t give app developers that much time to enable this feature on their apps. We have about two months until this is an official requirement for the Google Play Store.

Google said that the app icon will automatically be scaled down beginning on June 24. If you are an app developer, you can go ahead and change the app icon and just let Google know once the icon has met the specifications required. This is mandatory and Google claims that the new look is more visually appealing to the users.

All apps will be uniform and that is what Google is looking for in app icons these days. There will be enforcement of the new app icon design although we don’t know if any grace periods will be given to developers. It appears that if the developer doesn’t have the icon changed by June 24, Google will do it for them, but it might not end up like how the app developer wants it to look. Alignment issues should be fixed with this new requirement since there will not be any more open space.

More Details about Rounded Square Icons on Google Play Store

In terms of the specifics about the rounded square icons, Google sent out a memo talking about how the icon assets will look and the dimensions it will be. The icons are still going to be the same size which is 512×512, so that will stay the same.

Any apps on Chrome OS or Google Play Store that have not been changed by the developer will be changed dynamically by Google to have the rounded corners. The radius of the corner is going to be 20% of what the icon size is itself. This will allow for consistency of the app icon across various devices that are different sizes.

On May 1, any old icons that are not meeting the new specifications are no longer going to be accepted onto the Google Play Store. For app developers looking to publish an app to Google Play in the next few weeks, that means the app icon has to meet the new standards. It’s important to note that this change is for Chromebooks and Google Play Store on Android devices only.

It will not impact Wear, TV, or Android Auto apps. We want to know in the comments below whether or not you think the new rounded square icons will do a lot to bring consistency across the various devices. Do you like the new look or do you think Google should have went with another design? What else do you hope Google does to bring consistency to Chromebooks and Android devices?