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Samsung Devices Get New Google Play Music Feature

Jun 19, 2017

If you have a Samsung device, you might want to know about the latest offering from Google Play Music. Samsung Android phone owners are actually getting a new feature in Google Play Music, that is supposed to be exclusive just to Samsung devices. As you might know, Samsung gets a lot of cool content and deals now thanks to a partnership between both Google and Samsung. The new exclusive feature is now appearing on Samsung Galaxy S8, so continue to read on to learn more about this exclusive offer.

Samsung Galaxy Gets Google Play Music Exclusive Feature

The new feature that is currently rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S8 owners is called New Release Radio. If you have any type of Samsung device, you should see the new exclusive feature. It is possible though, that other Android phones will be getting the New Release Radio feature inside of Google Play Music in the future. It was only in April when the two companies partnered up, so it was pretty quite that a new addition was made to Google Play Music.

What this all means is that Google Play Music will now become the default music player on the Galaxy models of smartphones. Both the Galaxy S8+ and the newer Galaxy S8 will have Google Play Music as the default music app. Now, Google is giving away even more items as freebies in order to make things even better.

When this partnership began, it meant that the Samsung Android smartphone owners would be able to upload over 100,000 songs onto Google Play Music. This was completely free for Samsung owners, and this was double what the normal free amount was. Even better, Samsung owners were able to get a three-month free trial to Google Play Music. The New Release Radio feature added into Google Play Music is also now a freebie for those on Samsung devices.

That makes this overall a really good deal for Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone owners. For people who own these devices, all of these freebies and special offerings were definitely worth while. Most people enjoy Google Play Music and being able to upload double the normal songs for free was a plus for a lot of people.

Details on Samsung Exclusive Offer New Release Radio

If you are wondering what New Release Radio is, it is basically what it sounds like. There are a ton of new releases in music and New Release Radio will offer them up to you. This new feature is updated daily which means you are getting the latest music offerings, and it brings a lot of variety into your music listening. Even better, all of the songs are personalized to what you like in terms of your listening history. This means that you will not need to skip a lot to find songs you are interested in since the songs should match your musical taste.

The biggest unanswered question here is whether this “exclusive” to these owners will remain exclusive. There is a chance that this New Release Radio feature would be made available to everyone because it would make the most sense for Google Play Music to do that. It seems that it would help Google Play Music stay competitive by making New Release Radio available for everyone.

There are already people reporting that they can access New Release Radio by going into the library of Google Play Music on the desktop and adding the station manually to their library. We have not heard any updates though on the app version, and whether or not any other devices are seeing the station listed in their Google Play Music Library.