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Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Delayed as Display Issues Continue

Apr 25, 2019

You might have heard about the issues plaguing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold devices in the past couple weeks. This device was supposed to launch in the United States this week, but it appears that has been delayed due to the Galaxy Fold breaking and having major display issues.

Up until just recently, the planned launch was still on and it was only the launch events that were canceled. Now, it appears Samsung has shelved the actual launch of the devices for at least another month. Read on to learn about the major flaw with this new Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone and what the next steps might be for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Delayed Until at Least May

A ton of reports were coming in last week about the Samsung Galaxy Fold breaking on the journalists who had their hands on this new smartphone from Samsung. These journalists were given the phones to review and the reviews were anything but great for this new folding phone. While Samsung was quick to put out a statement saying that these instances were being investigated, the company was still planning on releasing the smartphone this week.

A few days ago Samsung canceled the launch events that were scheduled in China. That was a pretty big indication that Samsung knew something was very wrong with these devices. Now, the company has shelved the launch of the device altogether for at least another month.

That means the scheduled United States release of the smartphone this week has been canceled too. Samsung has a huge headache to deal with right now in terms of the devices malfunctioning and the folded screen not working properly. Before these devices ship out to consumers all over the world the company feels more work needs to be done to these smartphones.

New Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Date Mostly Unknown

While we have heard reports from insiders that a new launch date will be coming in May, Samsung has yet to comment on when the Galaxy Fold will really launch. The new launch date is mostly unknown at this point because Samsung has not said how long it will take to fix the display issues happening. We do know it will be in the coming weeks, we just don’t have a specific date of release as of right now.

It’s also a little bit sketchy in terms of the details of what really is wrong with the smartphone itself. The display is the issue for some people, while other reviews removed the plastic layer on the display to try to fix the problems. The plastic layer on the top was thought to be a screen protector, which is why some reviewers removed it. The layer is actually not a screen protector but it’s really just part of the display of the phone altogether. Once the plastic layer was removed it made the display issues much worse.

Display Issues of All Kinds Plaguing the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Removing the plastic layer and it causing significant issues are not the only kinds of display issues that have been troublesome for this smartphone. Other reviewers seemed to have other issues with the display even though they didn’t remove the plastic layer. Flickering of the screen itself became a problem and one person said that their smartphone just died. Other people reported that the display had a vertical line and horizontal line in it and it just stopped responding shortly after that.

Samsung reported that it was working on investigating the issues that were reported, but it’s unknown right now on what has been causing all of these issues. There have been so many pre-orders for this smartphone that thousands of people are waiting on Samsung to figure it out so the devices can be shipped out. Since this is the first foldable smartphone coming out from Samsung, the company really wants to do everything possible to ensure the smartphone has been tested and fixed as much as possible before being released.

Some details of this smartphone include that it comes with 12GB RAM, three different cameras on the back, and also has a Snapdragon 855 processor. The main display is 7.3-inches and the outside panel is 4.6-inches. It’s the main display that seems to be causing the problems, although we aren’t sure what is going on with the main display to cause these issues. We will try to keep you updated on when the new launch happens and if any major flaws were found when Samsung releases more details about the display issues.