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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review and First Impressions

Feb 22, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review and First Impressions: At the Mobile World Congress 2016, Samsung pulls off curtains from the brand new Galaxy S7 Edge smart phone. Here are the phone specifications. Have a look at them and judge for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review and First Impressions


Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is an improved version of the previous models as far as design is concerned. They have not produced a new design, but refined the previous ones. The device is made of a combination of metal as well as glass. The rear part has acquired certain curves and tapers to some extent along the edges. It is a bit similar to the design that is seen in the galaxy note 5. The smart phone has a more rounded look than a sharp one. Hence, the phone seems to have become more comfortable to hold. The buttons are in the exact same positions as the models of the last year. The phone does not come with the USB C type. According to the reports Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ not releasing it in the UK.

Samsung Galaxy S7


This smart phone is quite large when compared to the models of the previous year. The phone is of 5.5 inch. It has an AMOLED screen with a quad HD resolution. The pictures come in vibrant colours. The brightness adjustments are impressive and the phone has good viewing angles too. Another new thing that the phone brings with itself is that it has the feature of ‘always on’. That means that the screen remains on all the time which helps you to access the time, weather information, notifications as well calendar any time you want without even waking your phone up. The always on mode display does not consume much charge- only one percent. Keep reading, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review


The processor to be used is not sure- it may be the Samsung Exynos or it may also be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. Samsung will be officially declaring which operating system will be used. Irrespective of the chosen operating system, the smart phone is going to come with 4 GB ram. Samsung has already made certain changes earlier, like discarding the removable battery feature as well as the expandable storage. The smart phone is compatible with the dual sim feature. The secondary sim slot works as the micro SD card slot too.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Colours

Thus, the users have an option to either opt for the expandable storage feature or the dual SIM one. The smart phone is also said to be dust as well as water resistant. The last year’s devices saw malfunctioning in the battery life but this new model comes with amazing battery of 3600 mAh. Thus, the phone has the capability of a full day use with a single charging. The phone also supports fast charging. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the best smartphone, let’s find it out.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Device


The camera has been greatly improved considering the previous models. The bulge in the camera was there is now no more to be found. However it does bulge out a tad bit but is not that significant any more. The rear camera comes with a 12 mega pixel shooter. This is however a disappointment since the previous model had a camera quality 16 mega pixels. However, the pixel size has increased to 1.4 microns which is good news. Now you can click good pictures even in low light. The aperture is of f/1.7. The camera also has a dual pixel setup, which is a total new feature in any smart phone. This feature helps a person to focus better even if the light conditions are not that good.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera


The brand new Samsung model comes with the latest version of Android- the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. This is perhaps the cleanest version that you will find. The icons are squared and circled are not that pleasing, but it is definitely a relief from the previous icons that were provided by Samsung. The colour combination of blue and green has also been removed and now the smart phone comes with a simple combination of blue and white. The phone also comes with a new feature using which you can remove or uninstall the app drawer if you wish to. Also read, Samsung Galaxy A7 Review.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Colours

Thus the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a more pleasant design, better display, good new and improved features and much impressive software.