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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review in First Impression

Mar 17, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review in First Impression: The brand new Samsung smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge has everything that you want in a smart phone. The device has inherited all the good things from the previous model, Galaxy 6 Edge. It is beautifully designed to perfection and it is probably the most gorgeous as well as the most powerful phone that Samsung has ever offered.

The two new and enhanced features that excite us to a great extent are the re occurrence of the microSD card feature and the water resistant feature. These features were not present in the previous model. This phone is not very different from the previous one but is surely an improved one.Samsung Galaxy S7 Review in First Impression

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

Here is a review of the phone to help you decide whether it is a good choice or not.

DESIGN: The big difference that you will notice at the first go in the design module is the size of the smart phone. The smart phone offers a big screen of size 5.5 inch. It has been made larger than the previous models. The idea of making the screen larger is successful because users tend to get a phone with a large screen size since it is more convincing to play games and view Medias on a big screen. With the perfect curves on the phone, you can use the phone one handedly too.Samsung Galaxy S7 Speakers

DISPLAY: No one can beat Samsung when it comes to display and Galaxy 7 Edge is no less. Although this phone has an increased screen size, the quality still remains the same. The pixel density has lowered a bit to 534ppi. The AMOLED screen provides a perfect view with saturated and vibrant colours, good viewing angles and a good resolution. The “always on display” is something new too which is appreciable. It gives you details about the time, calls and other infos even without switching on the phone.Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone

PERFORMANCE AND HARDWARE: With four GB RAM, the phone comes with an octa core- two quad core processors. It is equipped with the Snapdragon 820 processor. Two chipsets are used which improves the performance. Navigating through different folders and apps, multitasking as well as gaming works very smoothly in the phone.Samsung Galaxy S7 Protection

EXTRA FEATURES: The return of the microSD card facility did make headlines. Internal memory provided is 32 GB but now you can expand it up to 200 GB. We do have two other variants too- one offering a 64 GB memory and the other 128GB. Making the phone water proof is something that makes great news. It won’t harm the phone much even if it is in water for thirty minutes. However, this is not something you can try to show off. It is just a safety measure. The waterproof feature is dependent to a great extent on the microSD card holder, so be careful to insert it properly.Samsung Galaxy S7 Fingerprint Scanner

The finger print scanner is there and stays almost unaltered. It is very accurate as well as fast. Although the speaker is not that great, still it is not that bad too. The Galaxy S7 Edge provides great connection and offers around 450 Mbps. Transferring files and Medias have improved to a great extent too. The smart dialer provided is great too. With a good RAM, you can actually perform multi tasking with enough ease.

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BATTERY: The battery back up of the phone seems to be pretty good. Yet since the removable battery has been removed, users are a bit disappointed. However, the battery has been improved to 3600 mAh. The phone supports the fast charging technology which we already saw in the previous year. Thus more than fifty percent of the battery will get charged up in thirty minutes. It also supports the wireless charging feature which is simply fascinating.Samsung Galaxy S7 microSD Card

CAMERA: Samsung always promises us with the best camera quality ever. This time too it did not disappoint us. However, the camera quality reduced from 16 mega pixels offered in the previous model to 12 mega pixels in the current one. But still this model has a better capturing capability than the last one since it offers good pictures in low light too. The focal aperture provided is f/1.7. It supports image stabilization, autofocus as well as LED flash options.

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SOFTWARE: The software and performance have greatly been improved. The phone operates on the Marshmallow version of Android. However we do not find anything new in the software which is quite similar to the ones we saw last year in other Samsung phones.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The cons of the phone are too insignificant with respect to the huge number of pros.Samsung Galaxy S7 Hardware


1. The outer design and the built is made of premium quality metal as well as glass.

2. The picture resolution is sharp and portrays vibrant colours.

3. The phone again brings back the dormant microSD card facility, you can now expand the memory space allotted.

4. The shape of the phone is such that you can hold it very conveniently.

5. The smart phone supports fast charging. The phone gets charged really fast.

6. The phone is dust and also water resistant.

7. The brilliant camera quality will get you very happy and impressed.

8. The battery is good and provides a satisfactory back up.

9. You have the efficient finger print scanner.

10. The performance and functionality of the phone is greatly enhanced with respect to the previous versions.


1. The speaker is not that good, it is a bit weak and could have been better.

2. The software has a lot of redundant technologies which have no use and uses up memory space.

3. The glass which is used for the finger print scanner is still a disappointment.

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The phone is worth the money and will provide you will all that you are looking forward to in a smart phone. With such amazing specs, you are bound to have a check at this phone in the nearest store. If not, hurry before it gets old.