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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Note 5 camera review: Which is better?

Apr 6, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Note 5 camera review: Again Samsung has done some quite interesting change with the front camera on its s7. This time Samsung chose a larger pixel size instead of more megapixels and tried to give a better performance in even low light condition.Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Note 5 camera

The basic idea behind this megapixel reduction count is to allow for a larger pixel size and it is expected to work far better in even low light performance.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Note 5 camera review: Which is better?

With the galaxy s7 night shots will look like they are alive because of its brighter f1.7 lens and a larger 1.4um pixel which allows to capture in even the low light.

On smartphone for the first time all the pixels on the image sensor have two photodiodes inspite of one single photodiodes that means a phone camera has a good DSLR.

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Galaxy Note 5 is also comes under the best phones but still there are some variations in these two phones.

Following comparison shows the difference between these two:-

DISPLAY 5.1”, 577ppi, 1440p, Super AMOLED 5.7”, 518ppi, 1440p, Super AMOLED
CPU Quad core Snapdragon 820, 1.6 GHz dual core kryo, 2.15GHz dual core Kryo Octa core Exynos 7420, 1.5 GHz quad core ARM cortex-A53, 2.1 GHz quad core ARM cortex-A57
BODY 142.4/ 69.6/7.9 mm, 152g 153.2/76.1/7.6 mm, 171g
GPU Adreno 530 Mali- T760MP8
VIDEO 4k – 30fps, 1080p – 60 fps, Front – 1440p – 30 fps 4K – 30 fps, 1080p – 60 fps, Front 1440p – 30fps
CAMERA 12 MP, 5MP front 16MP, 5 MP front
SENSOR SIZE 1/2.6 inch. 1/2.6 inch
BATTERY 3000mAh 3000mAh
STORAGE 32/64 GB 32/64/128 GB


When Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 it really made a big deal as it uses 100% focus pixels. One thing should be noticed that  Galaxy S7 has a lower resolution then Galaxy Note 5.

Both of these front cameras come with 5 MP, Samsung uses the same aperture in the front cameras as the rear as in Galaxy S7 is f/1.7 and in Note 5 its f/1.9.

Also Galaxy S7 adds a flash to the camera by lighting up the display screen but it is not available on the Note 5.

Lets take some photos to compare these two cameras.Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Note 5 camera Image 4 Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Note 5 camera Image 3 Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Note 5 camera Image 2 Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Note 5 camera Image 1

In the first shot we are going to look at the shot of a outdoor building, where the camera is pointing towards the sky. In the picture both the shots are looking good as far as the overall quality are concerned but you will notice a slight difference between in to the color reproduction and the sharpness of these two shots.by looking slightly deeper on the sky. Galaxy Note 5 image is coming with little deeper shade of blue colour than the Galaxy S7 shot.

Again looking at the red Valencia sign the red colour is quite deeper and vibrant on the Galaxy Note 5 but on the Galaxy S7 its little light.

Another thing you will notice that the Galaxy S7 shot a more sharpened picture than the Note 5.Lets take another shot to see some more differences. Here you will notice a difference between these two images like in the shades of the sky . Galaxy Note 5 shot is slightly overexposed, shadows are quite lighter and also the highlights are more blown at the background.

Yes, Samsung has made the right choice to improve camera. The Galaxy S7 camera takes better and fantastic looking photos in any type of lighting conditions and with a far better handling of highlights and exposure.