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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Update: New Navigation Bar and Better Security

Jun 16, 2017

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are expected to receive a major update this week. Since the Galaxy S8 Plus is the latest Samsung smartphone, it is receiving periodic updates, both in terms of the Android OS and built-in features. This week’s major update will include the monthly security update that every new Samsung smartphone receives, as well as some new features. In this article, we will take a look at some of those new and updated features.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Update Available

The monthly Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus update is currently being rolled out in the US, as well as some of the European countries. Users of the Galaxy S8 Plus are positive about the update. It means that the security of the device will be tightened, as well as new features added. If you own an Android device, like the Galaxy S8 Plus, you will automatically receive a notification when an update is available. It is also possible to manually check if any updates are currently available by going to Settings > About device > Download updates manually. The device will then check the online servers if there are any new updates available for you to download.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus update is just about 500MB in size. Because of this reason, it is advised that you connect to a stable Wi-Fi connection to start downloading the update. Of course, if you have a large mobile data plan, downloading the update using your mobile data is not a problem at all. It is still unclear if the update is also meant for the regular Galaxy S8. Some users have claimed that the update also became available for their Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Navigation Bar Updated

The latest update pushed new features for the navigation bar on Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus devices. Samsung already gave their users the option to adjust the color of the navigation bar. After installing the update, the amount of colors to choose from will be changed. The color selection before the update existed of black, brown or a custom color. After the update, there is only a small amount of colors available. The black bar, which comes by default on most Android smartphones, has been completed removed with the new update.

Next to the color update, the new update also adds a new button, which can be find at the bottom-right corner. With that button, you can automatically hide the navigation bar. You can also choose to lock it in place. In that case, the navigation bar will remain on your screen at all times. It is not clear why Samsung decided to decrease the color selection for the navigation bar. Perhaps they wanted to create a more consistent appearance, as some of the colors didn’t work well at all with the logos of the apps.

Finally, the update also contains the monthly Android security update. This month, about 96 security issues/vulnerabilities in Android are patched up. Google releases a security update on a monthly basis. Samsung is relatively quick when it comes to pushing that update to their devices. When it takes a longer time, it either means they are too busy with their newer devices, or they have stopped updating that particular device completely.