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Samsung Gear Fit2 Review

Jul 16, 2016

Samsung Gear Fit2 Review: Fitbit known names can be wearables, but has no competition. Samsung is again improved in the game with the new speed control and 2. FIG. After the company’s initial rate released by 2014 is back, he took a break from fitness enthusiasts, but during this time Samsung has learned. The adjustment mechanism 2 is based on the model of the first generation Model and improves it.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Review

Samsung Gear Fit2 Review

Fit gearbox 2 is more than track your training, and integrates the intelligence of a brilliant way that distinguishes it from smart watches. Its attractive form factor is just the icing on the cake. We spent a week with the new and improved fitness Samsung tracking that has quickly become one of our favorites.

Sporting touch

The trackers are rarely glamorous or beautiful time, and most of them are exactly the same: boring silicone band, button or two, and perhaps a screen. Not with Samsung Fit gear 2. Like the original, it has a large color screen that has been configured in a silicone band, but this time the elegant curves are to sit on the screen comfortably on your wrist.Samsung Gear Fit2 screen

Amazing screen

Although the curved AMOLED 1.5-inch screen in the adjustment mechanism 2 is technically smaller than the 1.84-inch screen on the original model, which has twice the width of the screen. The large screen is certainly much easier to navigate than the thinner, less sensitive to most screens touching fitness fans. The clock is customizable, too.The first Samsung Gear Fit fitness enthusiasts beginning until the end, but with a shade of mixed SmartWatch. Since its introduction in 2014 many similar options have entered the battle, including Microsoft tape and Fitbit Blaze.

And one of the first to be to hit the stage, in fact, it does much good. The Super AMOLED screen was (and still is) beautiful, and his physical condition balance and smart features helped establish a standard for devices that come on the line.Samsung Gear Fit2

Advantages and Disadvantages

But for all that has happened, we were missing something with a bit more substance. After all, if the promise of sophisticated functions it is, the next most powerful and sometimes unfair expectations of products on your league comparisons.

After a break of two years, we have the Samsung Gear Fit 2. And now like while it may seem that nothing has really changed all that Samsung has learned clearly from the past and from the air. There are improvements in almost every way, and it all comes together, like a better value in the process.


To recite a few examples, it works on any Android phone, as long as you KitKat (4.4) or higher. The previous version of the brand Samsung phones only linked.

Then, a GPS-based need for people who want to leave their home phone for jogging is included in the price. But the original rate offered little or no function when the phone was not there.

All in all, the latest tracking Fitness Samsung a positive step on the speed fit, even if the aerodynamic design will not appeal to everyone.Samsung Gear Fit2 band


For 179 US $ (world prices have not yet been announced), the adjustment has 2 much, and how many of its competitors prices. But is that the band Fitness for you? To each his own, of course, but this package value of mind raises the bar over a majority of its kind for less.


Of paramount importance for the identification of the Fit-Design is the curved touch screen. Do not worry, not everywhere. Is back to the vibrating 2 adjusting (and brilliantly) as usual, albeit somewhat remodels.

This rectangular screen is now wider than before, providing more screen space for mounting additional information. This means that the additional words in a message, a more robust multimedia DVD, and a full card of his career provided by the built-in GPS, to name a few applications that benefit from the best way.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 reviews

The Super AMOLED touch screen here is slightly smaller than previously found (1.5 inch by 1.84 inch), but increased to the 322ppi pixel density, which outweighs the original of the 245ppi screen.



The frame around the screen also saw the return to work to their advantage. It was reduced by the provision of the adjusting mechanism 2 from one edge to the lateral side. Unfortunately, if you had this bright visual motion of the original Fit sectional transition that his cause.