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Samsung Gear IconX Cord-free fitness earbuds launched

Jul 19, 2016

Samsung Gear IconX Cord-free fitness earbuds launched: Sales of IconX expected speed wireless headset in New York last month in South Korea will be unveiled starting this week. At a price of 220,000 ($ 192) and is available in black, blue and white, the headset will sell from 15 July to samsungWA.com, new online store of the company to portable devices and mobile accessories. Sales in the US starting in August, said a spokesman for Samsung, although the price and the date has not been determined.Samsung Gear IconX

Hardware and software

Bluetooth music headsets and voice provide information on the state of education, GPS tracking and data storage via the smartphone application health. Was memory embedded a helmet 3.5GB music.The can store data provided follow typical activity, including distance, speed, time and calories burned. The heart rate sensor monitors obviously the user during exercise, the heart rate, but is also used to activate automatically when the detector is placed in the ear. All data captured by IconX then synchronize and display of Samsung S apply heat.

Technical management

The IconX offers unique possibilities when used for audio. Stereo headphones offer a complete experience, ie each device gets its own audio signal during transmission of an associated smartphone. I want to just listen with one ear (during a call)? Later, when each handset can be operated independently, pursue with free use to cases of charging.In where a user from your phone does not want to be disturbed while working on the piece – like going for a run – the IconX also has internally store up to 1000 MP3 files. Control the music playback, is now with simple taps and knocks down on the sides sensitive touchpad.


At $ 199, the IconX comes with its own carrying case that can store two additional loads. The headphones are available in black, blue, and at the same time, and come with different sizes of olives and wingtips, so that they fit a variety of ear shapes.The new setting 2 speed comes with many improvements to its predecessor and now has a integrated GPS and a heart rate monitor.

Samsung’s new band also comes with the function of the automotive business means that the user does not have to manually enable the band to follow the sport. You can follow various movements such as running, walking, cycling or using the elliptical or rowing machine.

Battery and internal resources:

The unit also enables the easy transfer of training data between other applications S Health and Fitness choose. Fit Gear 2 also comes with a new “Challenge Step”, to have the user a, allows a head-to-head competition with a friend. The Smart Strip also includes a separate music player, without the need for a mobile device. , determination, has 2 adjusting a curved screen 1.5-inch Super AMOLED with a resolution of 216×432 pixel screen. The device is powered by a dual-core processor running at 1GHz with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. It packs a 200mAh battery .