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SanDisk 200GB Connect Wireless Stick Launched in India

Mar 22, 2016

SanDisk 200GB Connect Wireless Stick Launched in India: SanDisk have always provided amazing devices to the technology industry. Now it launches something more that will be very useful to all the users. It launched a wireless gadget called the Connect Wireless Stick which is of 200 GB. The device will be costing about Rs. 9990. The gadget will not be sold at the stores but will be available in Amazon which is a very popular online shopping forum nowadays.SanDisk 200GB Connect Wireless Stick

SanDisk 200GB Connect Wireless Stick Launched in India

It comes in only one colour option- that is silver. The gadget is actually a USB flash drive which is actually very small but does a lot of work. The wifi server is almost doubled to twice its normal capacity with the help of this small thing. This has a lot of effective features also. You can access the files that are stored from several devices at the same time. Not only this, the device goes a long way to impress all the users. It possesses an in built battery which can come in handy when you a low on charge. The battery can offer charge for as much as four and a half hours of service.

An app is provided for this device called the SanDisk connect app which you need to download in order to use this app. You can access and use the stored data from any phone working on any operating system- be it iOS or Android. You have to operate it by using a wifi passcode. Not only your phones, but you can actually connect it with the help of your USB cables to your laptops and MacBooks. There is a USB port available on the device for this purpose.

The SanDisk wireless stick is available in as many as five variants which offer different storage capacities. The variants include 16, 32, 64, 128 and 200 GB respectively. You can stream HD quality videos any time you want with this and also listen to music- you can connect as many as three people. The best part is that using it, you can share and transfer medias also.