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Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet App Now Supports iOS & Android

Sep 9, 2019

If you are in the Bitcoin market, then you might want to know that Sats just updated to support both iOS and Android. This is huge news from Casa, which is the Bitcoin technology firm that is behind Sats. It seems more and more companies are now jumping into support Bitcoin in the mobile world, which could bode well for the future of Bitcoin.

Sats Bitcoin Wallet App Gains iOS & Android Support

It’s definitely a good thing that Sats has added support for both iOS and Android on the Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet app. Casa made this announcement a couple days ago, and this new version is currently available to download on both mobile platforms. That means you can head to Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and download the Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet app right now to your mobile device.

Even better news coming from Casa involves some other additional features you’ll find in the latest update. The newest version of Sats includes the ability to use the app without the Bitcoin Lightning node hardware. There’s a downside though, if you are not connecting the app to the Bitcoin Lightning node that you should keep in mind. Without the connection, you won’t have the access to the capabilities of the Lightning Network.

Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Expands to Mobile as the Future of Bitcoin Seems Optimistic

If you’ve never used Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet before, this particular app has a public address-naming system that has been labeled as SatsTag. If you send Bitcoin using the SatsTag, you’ll get a new address that comes from the public key of the receiver. This address is then given to the sender, or you can choose to send simply by scanning QR codes if that’s more your style.

What’s different about Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet is that the wallet is non-custodial and you as the user will keep complete control of your private key. These private keys are saved completely on the secure enclave of the phone. A totally non-custodial wallet is a good technique to use and it’s something that Casa is hoping sets Sats apart from other Bitcoin wallets on the market.

Cryptocurrency Apps like Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Struggling to Grow

There’s some bad news for the cryptocurrency market though, which is that the mobile app downloads are not growing. Whether it’s Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrency, there seems to be a lack of interest in these types of mobile apps. Bitcoin had a price surge recently, but that hasn’t sent people towards their mobile device to download any apps for cryptocurrency. In the first half of 2018, App Annie records show that 65.8 million cryptocurrency app downloads occurred.

When you look at the first half of 2019, the number has only risen to 67 million downloads of cryptocurrency-related types of mobile apps. So that’s a fairly small rise in the number of cryptocurrency app downloads, and it could spell trouble for the mobile Bitcoin market in the future. We will have to see just how far the downloads go for the last half of 2019, but it’s not looking to be a huge year for the Bitcoin mobile app market.

We want to know from you in the comments below whether or not you are going to be downloading any Bitcoin wallet apps in 2019. Do you think that the future of Bitcoin looks bright or do you think that there’s going to be a downward spiral for Bitcoin coming in the future. Even with the price surge in Bitcoin, the downloads of these types of apps is not moving really. Do you think that this says more about those using Bitcoin or Bitcoin itself as a payment method?

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