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Scale Updated for Android & iOS – New Levels and Bug Fixes

Sep 22, 2017

Scale is a puzzle game that is brought to you by 101 Digital Co. Scale is rated E for everyone and is available on both the Apple iTunes Store as well as the Android Google Play Store. Currently, Scale has more than 5 million total installations across both platforms, with an average rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 total stars. The game has more than forty thousand total reviews from people across the world with all different types of phones, so odds are, if your phone is relatively new, it will be able to handle this game no problem. Scale is constantly being updated, and the developers love supporting the community and keeping the game up to date with what the community wants. Currently, there have been weekly patches for the game, which bring new modes to the game, as well as fixing issues that players brought to the developers attention.

Scale is a completely free to download puzzle game that is known for being extremely addictive and having really interesting and unique gameplay. The game is advertised as being a brain teaser that will force the player to think their way through the problems and solve them in a timely manner. The game is relatively simple and easy for anyone to pick up. Basically, you must cut and shrink the board by placing the balls onto the board. You need to plan out how you are going to cut the board down, and watch out to avoid the ball. If you touch the ball before making a cut, you will lose a life. The game has a really simple concept once you start playing, and it will be hard to set down once you get going. There are a few different game modes for players to check out and play, so if you get tired of the main game mode, you can easily hop on a different one and pass time with that one.

Scale does feature advertisements, as well as an in game premium currency. One of the most common complaints with Scale is the fact that the advertisements are so prevalent and almost annoying. You can disable them by making a one time purchase for three dollars, but most players cannot be bothered to spend that on a free game. The way I always think about this is if I really enjoy the game and get a lot of time out of it, I can easily justify spending the three dollars on hundreds of hours of gameplay (which you can easily get from this game). Aside from that, you can choose to purchase diamonds from the in app store for money, or earn them by playing the game and getting high scores and beating levels. Diamonds are used to change the aesthetics of the game, and have almost no effect on the gameplay itself. Again, it is completely up to the player whether or not they wish to purchase diamonds for real money, and I would definitely only recommend doing so if you want to support the developers and get all of the extras unlocked from the beginning.

Scale Tips and Cheats

Currently, there are not really any cheats to get free diamonds or get the highest score possible, but there are a ton of tricks and tips you can implement into your game to get the best possible scores. First of all, do not get discouraged with this game. It is a relatively tricky game to start out with, and can be frustrating at times. I would definitely recommend anyone to just practice and take their time with the game and get to know the timings of the game and enjoy the experience of playing and learning. By playing through the game, you can earn those diamonds to unlock different color schemes and game modes to further enhance the games experience.

In addition to practicing, you can compete with your friends by linking your social media account with your gaming account, so that you can easily see the scores of your friends and the players around you. For me, this was a huge plus and allowed me to get a lot better at the game by having that competition installed into the game. It is super simple to check the leaderboards and see how your friends are doing in comparison to you. I really enjoy having this feature in my games, and I am glad that the developers listened to the community and went with a leaderboard system to incentivize a competitive environment.

Another great tip is to save up your diamonds. Saving those diamonds will allow you to even further enhance your experience by allowing you to purchase different color schemes and game modes for the game. You get more diamonds for the high scores that you get, so if you want to really min max your diamond count, you should start by getting low scores, and progressively beating them. In addition to getting them through high scores, you can also get them by beating levels in the campaign sort of mode. With each level that you beat, you can get diamonds to spend in the store. And the last way to get diamonds is to obviously purchase them with real money. Although this is not the most favored way to earn diamonds, it is definitely an option for those who want to support the game and the developers of the game and show them your appreciation.

Overall, I would say that Scale is an incredibly addicting game that has super fast gameplay and is fun for anyone that touches the game. The main down side to this game is the fact that there are a lot of advertisements, and the only way to get rid of them is by making a purchase which gets you no other benefits other than removing those ads. The game could improve by allowing everyone to have this ad free experience from the beginning, or by perhaps allowing them to unlock an ad free mode after so many hours of gameplay. Other than that, I think Scale is a really fun game and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a nice and fun game to easily pass time with!