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Seagate NAS HDD is now available up to 8TB

Jul 16, 2016

Seagate NAS HDD is now available up to 8TB: The Seagate is really expanded as well as  Portable Hard Drive offers an easy to use when you need to instantly add storage to your computer and take files on the fly,that  8TB new HDD NAS Seagate expands NAS disk array, to the use better when using multiple units, while maintaining the point of SOHO users and price-performance desired.Seagate NAS HDD is now available up to 8TB

Seagate NAS HDD is now available up to 8TB

The firmware Seagate HDD used NASWorks that sharpens the device specifically for server functionality. In addition to the home NASWorks improve compatibility reduces the power consumption of the hard drive, which also reduces the heat generated. NAS environments where simultaneous multiple players work greatly benefit from the energy efficiency of specific service units. Seagate also has this line of hard drives with double-balanced design engines that operate to control the vibrations built that produce hard drives. Reduces the heat generation of the drive oscillation controller coupled to maximize performance and to improve the reliability of the server, which helps to get 24/7-operation capability, which is essential for the access to distant and virtualization.

Seagate Recovery Services (SRS), you can save the day in the following situations:

  • RAID configuration
  • Accidental reconfiguration
  • Accidental resetting the RAID array
  • Surges that cause failures in multiple drives simultaneously
  • RAID partition, missing
  • Reformatted RAID partitions
  • Damage to the virus
  • Natural disasters, errors and failures, human training

Seagate has tried to make this line more attractive units for SOHO users who do not use computers (or company personnel for IT are not large enough) can be simplified by the configuration of the devices according to the specific application. In the event of a malfunction, the control troubleshooting NASWorks help fix disk errors quickly and without much user intervention. But while NASWorks users free to worry of most of the technical aspects of how to configure the drives and use Seagate also offers services, rescue plan + to help as a feature of premium data recovery on a large scale. If users pay in the extended recovery scheme enroll + Save Seagate, Seagate attempt data units to restore if damaged, even if the damage is user error. Each unit within the service plan, Seagate attempt to restore data once during the 3-year warranty. Although not guarantee successful extraction, Seagate reported a 90% success. If the data has been successfully extracted, Seagate sends the user to a new hard disk NAS is loaded.

Enterprise NAS hard drives are designed for demanding mid-range environments of society, but there are times when the unthinkable can happen. Seagate rescue, recovery coverage data in rack or tower NAS, you can still have peace – even in the unlikely event that something happens to your corporate data.Have developed storage devices to meet the data where it lives and where it remains safe. However, the content has always been easily accessed anywhere, at any time. This means choosing the right equipment for the job and reliable choice 24 × 7 access.

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