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See which are the most Tweeted Emoji of each month

Jul 19, 2016

See which are the most Tweeted Emoji of each month: If you do not know, on July 17, the celebration of emoji dedicated every year is the wonderful creations that bring so much joy and somehow manage to stick better than words ever could our emotions.See which are the most Tweeted Emoji of each month

See which are the most Tweeted Emoji of each month

Thanks for Emoji (the name “image character” in Japanese), we can express and much more complex ideas emotions. But that is exactly what the option to transfer? To find out, Matthew Rothenberg created a code for the number of emoji counts on Twitter  Real time.

The project is particularly interesting as Tweets ratchet include Emoji are in English, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Mandarin and other languages. Thus, the results a motherboard of expression online are considered over linguistic boundaries.

Exploring in many locations

A boost signal is used by the people to say that all is well. A fist with the thumb pointing to the sky up. A wave of approval or encouragement for a job well done. Good work! The opposite (antonym) inches down the signal. Potentially it used for centuries by the people, as in the days of the Roman Empire and the gladiators in the Coliseum (Colosseum). Members of the public and perhaps Caesar would the thumbs up gesture using a job well done or show approval of the performance. It can also be used to communicate hitchhiking who deliberately motorists is the act of transferring, to enjoy a walk along the street. A very positive and enthusiastic Emoji.

Exclusively everywhere

This was part of Emoji Emoji set exclusive / non-standard by Japanese companies such as Softbank introduced. This Emoji was to unlock 2.2 sold as an element in mobile phones in English-speaking countries, part of the Apple iPhone in iOS.

Operating systems

In iOS 5 / OSX 10.7, the underlying code, Apple’s operating system has been created for this Emoji changed. America behind Canada in weapon use Emoji has fallen, but no one beat one of the obese nations in the world when it comes to our love pizza. The slice of pepperoni Emoji is one of the United States most commonly used, and Emoji Drumstick so often. The USA is also the world leader in the use of the red symbol “100” and the use of women, LGBT and Emoji oriented technologies.


The French live up to their romantic reputation, the heart with the symbol of the arrow with  frequently. Italy and Japan  need the meaning of love be frequent and South Korea also, both for a variant heart of love by kissing his lips.