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Seeing AI App Released on iOS for Visually Impaired

Jul 16, 2017

Microsoft has released a new app called Seeing AI, and this app allows for visually impaired people to get descriptions of what is going on in the world. The computer vision is used to tell the people with visual impairments all about what is going on, including being able to describe people that the cameras are aimed at. This Seeing AI app is available for iOS devices and there is a lot here that can help people with visual impairments of all kinds.

Microsoft Releases Seeing AI App for iOS

The new Seeing AI app can be downloaded right now for free on iOS. This app allows for people to use the camera on their iOS device and turn it into a description device. The camera will be able to say how the person is feeling and it will describe who the person is. Someone with visual impairments can also use the Seeing AI app to point at various products and the artificial intelligence will tell the person what the product is.

It was about a year ago when Microsoft first showed off the Seeing AI at the Build Conference. We have not heard much about Seeing AI since then, although the app has been released for iOS beginning today. We do not know when it will come to other countries or when the app will be available on Android however.

There are a ton of situations in which the Seeing AI app could be useful, including being able to predict emotions and ages of strangers. It can recognize the people the app has seen before, and it also can scan barcodes to determine various household products. When it comes to other things like reading money, this app can determine which money amount each dollar holds. For people with visual impairments, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a $1 bill and a $50, but Seeing AI can detect the smallest microscopic details that are what distinguishes one bill from another.

More About Seeing AI App

When it comes to how Seeing AI works, it uses various neural networks that allow for the various types of identification. This is the technology that is used in drones and self-driving cars. Microsoft wants people with visual impairments to be able to see the world around them through the use of the camera on the smartphone.

This will basically be the eyes for the person who cannot see, and the Seeing AI can then describe and tell the person what is going on. This app does have some experimental features on it, including being able to recognize handwriting. This is something that you will have to connect to the Cloud in order to do, whereas the regular functions of the app can be used with or without a stable internet connection.

This app could be used mostly for reading things, such as menus and documents. The app does more than read information though. The app actually will tell the person using Seeing AI whether they need to move the camera to the left or to the right in order to get the product or person into view. For people who have visual impairments, this information and guidance is definitely needed.

It also will ensure that the person is getting correct information since they will be guided on moving things so that the camera and Seeing AI app can read correctly. With Seeing AI, the hope is that information can be given out quickly and accurately. That is why the app can remember information and faces it has seen before, so that this information can be relayed quickly the more you use the app.