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Selfie Queen – Social Media Star Updated With New Features & Fixes

Aug 5, 2017

Selfie Queen Social Star is a role playing game that is brought to you by Coco Play By Tab Tale. This is just one in a many long series of different games by the developers, each of which have a role playing theme to them and star the same female lead as the main character. Their games tend to do pretty well, especially with a younger female audience, so this is definitely the kind of game that is marketed towards a younger audience. The game is rated E for everyone so if you are concerned with the rating for you child or yourself, you can safely dismiss it. Selfie Queen Social Star is available for both the Android marketplace, as well as the iTunes Apple Store. Currently Selfie Queen has more than one million total installations, and an average rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 total stars. The game has a ton of ratings from a wide range of audience, and it is the general consensus that the game is super addicting and overall a fun experience for the average user. The app is completely free to download, but it is worth noting that there are in app purchases, and you can restrict them for any children that may be playing the game.

Selfie Queen Social Star following a young girl who is on her way to becoming the next biggest thing among the social media fashion scene. It is her dream to take the best of selfies and become a famous presence on social media. You as the player must dress her up in the hottest of outfits, and take only the best of pictures and choose which ones to upload onto social media. There are a ton of accessories available for players to choose from, and a whole bunch of different settings to place your character in. There are even selfie contests where you can submit your pictures and have them judged against others to see who is the selfie queen. In Selfie Queen Social Star, you can even decorate your apartment so that you have the best backdrop possible for your selfies. There is a lot of customizability in Selfie Queen Social Star, everything from your outfit to your background is completely changeable. The game has a great reward system that gives you an incentive to log in daily and post your own selfie for the day.

Selfie Queen Social Media Star is a completely free game, but does have in app purchases for real money. Most of the purchases available for real money are completely cosmetic, but these cosmetic changes will impact the gameplay because they can give you a higher selfie score. You can get everything that you pay for by just playing the game, but it does take a significantly longer amount of time than if you just purchase with real money. You can purchase her full wardrobe for a one time fee of ten dollars. In addition to that, you can purchase access to a hair salon for six dollars, which gives you access to every hair style in the game. Selfie Queen Social Star has ads that are built into the game and go off periodically. They are full screen ads that are somewhat intrusive, and can stop the flow of the game, so if that is something that you dislike in your games, then I would suggest maybe staying away from this game, or purchasing the ability to remove the ads for two dollars. In addition, you can purchase access to all stages for your selfies, which will run you about three dollars. Again, you can get everything that you pay for real with money for free by playing the game, but it will take a long period of time.

Selfie Queen Social Star Cheats and Tips

The first best tip that I can give to new players is to make sure you are logging into the game daily and posting your outfits of the day. This way, you are taking advantage of the rewards that the game gives you just by logging into the game. This will also give you access to a lot of outfits and other kinds of things by just logging in and without having to pay any sort of real money or in game currency. The rewards for the daily quest varies, but you can get coins or even dresses or styles. If you want to play this game casually, you definitely have to log in daily to take advantage of this.

Another great tip for new players is to save up the amount of coins and likes that you can so you can purchase new items to make your selfies even better. You can get coins by entering competitions and getting likes on your pictures. You can also get coins from just taking pictures and by logging into the game daily. In addition to that, you can like other people’s pictures and get bonuses from doing that as well. This game really allows you to simulate what it might be like to be a social media star, and that is the entire point of the game.

There are currently no reliable cheats for the game, so you cannot cheat and get all of the outfits for free. You can pay to access this content, but it is relatively pricey considering the game is marketed towards a younger audience. The game has decent graphics, but what holds the game back the most, aside from no longer being supported by the developers, is the cost to enjoy the game once you use up all of the resources and outfit combinations that the game provides you with. After you use up everything you have from the beginning, you are kind of left wondering what to do next without buying extra content for the game. In addition to that, the full screen ads are super annoying because they are happening somewhat frequently, and even if you purchase the wardrobe for the character, you will still have to make a separate purchase just to remove the ads. The game has a lot of improvements it could make to be a much more popular and successful game, but the developers are currently working on their latest products and are no longer providing updates and support for this game.