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Shadow of War Hits Steam with Positive Reviews

Oct 10, 2017

We have some news for you if you have a Steam account as a new game called Shadow of War was just released. This game had a little bit of bad press before it was released, but it appears that the Steam release is going over well. In fact, on Steam Shadow of War has more than an 85 percent positive rating. Since the game did have some negative publicity, this is definitely good news. Read on to learn more about the new Steam game Shadow of War.

Shadow of War Launches on Steam With Great Reviews

It has been a good day for Shadow of War which just launched on Steam. The game that had some negative publicity before it launched is getting great Steam reviews. There have been more than 100,000 downloads of the game already. Over 26,000 players are concurrently playing the game oN Steam, which is a pretty massive number for the just launched title. Even better news si that out of the 502 user reviews on Steam, 85 percent are very positive.

Shadow of War is rated on PlayStation as five-out-of-five stars, so this definitely is a game that seems to be worth checking out on the Steam platform or otherwise. This game could have been slammed with tons of negative reviews, so all of the positive reviews on Steam are pretty shocking. It appears that a lot of the people on Steam who bought Shadow of War are huge fans. These fans have been fans of Middle Earth and nothing likely would have stopped them from getting the sequel. While it appears that Shadow of War is doing well on Steam, it is one of the bigger game downloads that Steam has in the library.

Shadow of War Download is Nearly 100GB on Steam

A lot of people are shocked to hear that Shadow of War on Steam is almost 100GB! The file size is 97.7GB, which makes it one of the biggest games in the Steam Store. When you look at the PlayStation 4 version of the game, it is only 36.43GB. Most of the bigger games on Steam are still under 50GB.

That means Shadow of War is about twice the size of the bigger Steam games. Usually, on Steam the smaller games are in the MB or 3GB max. If you are going to download Shadow of War on Steam, you might want to begin downloading it well before you intend on playing. It could take a while for a file this big to download.

Part of the reason why Shadow of War is much bigger on Steam is that the 4K video is included by a default. You can choose to not include the 4K video content. The choice is only after it has already started to download. If you take out the 4K video content, the real size of Shadow of War is 65GB. That is not too much over the normal range. It is still a pretty hefty video game download.

Shadow of War Download Size Much Bigger on Steam

Interestingly enough, downloading the 4K on PlayStation 4 still only makes the file 63.93GB. That means there is quite a huge file size difference between the two platforms. The size difference is regardless of whether or not you include the 4K video content. We do not know why this would be, but there are speculations out there.

One theory is that it has more to do with compression. Another theory is that it is just because of the higher-resolution in the PC version. It really does not matter why Shadow of War is so much bigger on Steam. The point of the matter is that you will just need to ensure you begin the download well before you want to play. We are hoping that the big file size will not bog down computers too much either.