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Shake Shack Now Takes Orders Via iOS & Android App

Jan 6, 2017

When it comes to the famous burger joint known as Shake Shack, there are a lot of people who have avoided the place because of the long lines. Yes, the burgers are really good, but most people do not want to wait an hour or two in order to get a burger and fries. Now, you do not have to wait in the long lines because Shake Shack now has an iOS and Android app available. With the app, you can order the items you want in various locations across the country.

Shake Shack Now Takes Order via iOS & Android App

There is now a mobile app available for Shake Shack, which you can download whether you have an iOS device or an Android device. This app will allow you to pick out the items you want to order and pay for those items. You will be able to both order and pay via the app, and then pick up your order at your local Shake Shack location. This new app works in select locations across the United States, and gives customers a much easier way to get their favorite items from Shake Shack.

Once you have ordered your food, such as a shake and burger, you must select which local Shake Shack you want to get your order from. Once you have done that, you will get a notification on your phone when the order is ready to be picked up. You will not need to worry about long lines or waiting for hours to get your burger, as this allows you to order and then go pick up your food the moment your order is ready.


This really will help with the business angle of Shake Shack because more people will be inclined to order the food if they know they do not have to wait in the infamous lines. It also is helpful because you can track nutritional information and food allergies in the app as well. This will help people know the nutritional content of the food they are ordering as well as know which foods to stay away from because of allergies. There are also company events and promotions that will be displayed on the app, so you will be able to keep track of all the cool things coming to Shake Shack.

The only downside when it comes to ordering from the iOS or Android app is that you can only order four items per category. This means that you can only order four burgers, four shakes, four hot dogs or something similar to that. This part has customers in a bit of a tizzy because customers do not like being told there are limitations to the amounts of items that they can order. This limit is especially bad for families who have more than four people in them, such as needing 5 burgers to feed your family for dinner. This also means that you will still need to call in or go to the location in order to get your food if you have more than four people you are trying to get the same items for.

The company has responded to the backlash about the four item rule and said that this will allow each Shake Shack location to serve as many people as it can. If you have unlimited amounts of items being ordered per mobile order or dine-in order, then this will mean the company cannot serve as many people per location.

If you would like to download the iOS Shake Shack app, you need to have iOS 9 or later on your mobile device. You also can use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to place your order. The Android app is not quite ready to be released yet, but the Android version should be out within the next month or so. So for now, you need an iOS device to make your Shake Shack order through the mobile app and the Android version will be hitting Google Play very soon. It was only back in October that the company said they were testing out the iOS app, so Android users should not have to wait too long for the Android version to become available.

In terms of Shake Shack, this is the first app the company has developed for either iOS or Android. This is a new business model the company is going towards with the company wanting the same high-quality that customers have come to know and expect from the business.

  • Collin Danger Helmers

    It’s May 2017 and there’s still no Android app for Shake Shack. Did you even visit their website?