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Shazam Android App Adds Ability to Identify Songs Using Headphones

Jun 13, 2019

If you have the Shazam app on your Android device, you might be interested in a new feature rolling out this week to all users. The new feature allows Shazam to identify the song you are listening to by listening to the audio in your headphones.

This is a really cool feature because any audio coming through your headphones the app can now identify without you going through the previously complex process. Read on to learn more about the new feature and how it will work with apps you use frequently.

Shazam Adds Song Identification Abilities Using Headphones on Android App

One thing that people have been annoying with when it comes to Shazam is that the app wouldn’t recognize songs that were played through headphones. The only way you could use the app to identify music was using the internal speakers or trying to get the audio to the microphone.

Now, the app has added a feature that allows for song identification while you are using the headphones. That means finally Shazam will hear the audio coming through the headphones and help you find lyrics and the song that’s playing right now!

This new ability is called Pop-up Shazam and it’s currently rolling out to all those on Android right now. Shazam itself will work in the background while the Pop-up Shazam feature listens to the audio through the headphones and then works to identify those lyrics.

There will be something similar to a chat icon on the user interface that floats. This bubble appears on the top of the screen and it will quickly work to identify the song you are listening to through the headphones. You also can choose for it to show you the lyrics to that song too.

New Ability to Identify Songs Through Headphones on Shazam was Highly Requested

If you want to enable this new Pop-Up Shazam feature all you have to do is go into the Settings of the app. You will see the option right in the Settings and you can turn it off or on anytime you want. Since the chat-like icon is floating, you will find that it doesn’t interfere with other apps on your Android device or the Shazam app itself. The coolest part though is that this new ability to identify songs through headphones works with a ton of other apps that you use everyday.

It’s really great that this feature was added because it works with some of the most popular apps you use everyday to listen to music. This includes YouTube and Spotify, along with many other audio or entertainment apps. One downside to this new feature is that it doesn’t work with the iOS version of Shazam.

It also appears that it will not be coming to iOS in this current form. It’s definitely weird though since Apple did acquire Shazam last year. Shazam is integrated with Siri though, although this happened in 2014. We are not confident we will see this feature on iOS though due to Apple having restrictions on background apps accessing audio that is played through another app.

What Do You Think of the New Shazam Android Ability to Hear Songs through Headphones?

We are very excited for this new feature and think a lot of people will find it useful. It has worked with all kinds of audio and music streaming apps we have tried, including the aforementioned YouTube and Spotify. It also works with Pandora, Jango Radio, and many other popular music apps. Did we mention it also can work on apps like Instagram? This feature has been requested for a long time so we are happy to see it’s finally arrived, even if it’s just on Android.

In the comments below, we want to know what you think of this new Pop-up Shazam feature that is rolling out to Android right now. Are you excited to try this feature next time you listen to music with your headphones? Do you think that this will help you with song identification and learning lyrics to songs that you like or listen to? Has Shazam helped you find new music to listen to that you wouldn’t have tried looking up for yourself?