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Silicon Echo Leaves Game Development After Steam Game Removal

Oct 2, 2017

In an interesting turn of events, the company that had almost 200 games pulled from Steam, Silicon Echo, said it had to leave game development after the incident. Valve pulled those 173 games off of Steam calling the games “fake” and “spam” and completely removed the business ties with the company Silicon Echo. Silicon Echo has fired back at Valve saying that the entire situation has ruined the company to the point of it having to leave the game development business.

Silicon Echo Fires Back at Valve After Steam Game Purge

We just reported a couple days ago about Valve pulling around 173 different games off of Steam that were related to the game developer Silicon Echo. These games were reported to be spam games or fake games. Silicon Echo Studios has fired back at Valve after the games were pulled claiming that the company has since had to leave the game development business.

Basically, these games were reported to be the type called asset flipping. This is where games have pre-made assets, which are then sold in the Steam Trading Card marketplace for profit. The budget for these types of games are always low, with them generating revenue by basically taking advantage of and exploiting the Steam Trading Card system.

Silicon Echo claims that the games were removed without explanation or warning. The company said that it sent an email to Valve because it did not get information about why all of the games were removed. The only thing Valve said apparently was that the games were deceptive and against the rules.

The company claims it never got any warnings beforehand from Valve, and that the games all were just suddenly pulled from Steam. The company also said that the games under Zonitron Productions, which were removed, were separate from Silicon Echo. Valve claims that Zonitron Products and Silicon Echo were one in the same, with Zonitron being a front for the company to make more money.

Silicon Echo Issue Not Only One Valve Faces with Steam

This is really just one of many issues Steam and Valve are facing right now. Steam Greenlight and the new Steam Direct program have both been criticized for pushing approvals of games through that are no good. These are often low-quality games that are getting by the screening process.

Companies like Silicon Echo have published hundreds of games just within the past few months alone. Silicon Echo did admit that some things the business did were “questionable” in nature. The company claimed that it was indeed doing some things that could be considered shady.

In the statement, the company did admit to using more than one developer name. The company claimed this was so that they could easily track games. The company said that those developer names were under one account and were under one publisher. It did not think a problem would happen since the games were all under the same publisher. The company claimed that was not intended to be deceptive. Valve sees it differently however. That is why all of the games from Silicon Echo have been erased from Steam entirely.

What this does for other developers on Steam remains to be seen. For Silicon Echo, it could end up wiping out the company entirely. The company claims they cannot continue game development at this point. That is all the company has been focused on for more than three years. Both financial reasons and reputation are factors in that decision to pull out of game development. The company ended the statement by saying it wished someone from either Valve or Steam would have contacted them. The note could have been to let them know that the practices it used on Steam were wrong and not allowed.