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Siri Shortcuts Added to Google Apps on iOS

Feb 14, 2020

If you have an iOS device, you may want to know that Google just released a new feature for those apps. The new feature allows you to use Siri shortcuts within various Google apps. This new feature is available for most of the Google apps that are on iOS. Some of the apps you’ll find Siri shortcut integration include Search, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Drive. This is a great addition to the Google apps on iOS and we have more information about this addition below.

Google Brings Siri Shortcuts to Google Apps on iOS

We’re grateful that Google has finally decided to add Siri shortcuts to a variety of Google apps on iOS. The new Siri shortcuts will work with almost any app that Google has available for iOS. This includes apps such as YouTube, Search, Google Drive, Gmail, and many more. You will now be able to simply say a trigger phrase in order to take an action within that Google app. This means you can simply say “Search with Google” and it will now bring up Google search. We’re really happy that you can now simply voice your search inquiry.

The various iOS apps can now integrate all kinds of functionality using the Siri voice assistant thanks to Siri’s shortcuts. Siri will be enabled once you say the trigger word or phrase within the app of your choice. Any voice phrase you want to use will work, including finding videos on YouTube with just a voice command. You can say phrases such as “Search Youtube for..” or you can say “Search in Drive” if you want to find a certain file. There’s also the option to say “Send email” to open up the compose email option in Gmail.

Siri Shortcuts for Google iOS Apps Help Engage User Audience

The new Siri shortcuts that can be found within the Google apps are going to help engage the audience. It will also keep them engaged while they are in a Google app. Google allowing Siri shortcuts within the various Google apps is going to bring more accessibility to those Google apps as well. Google knows that having more users is important. It’s also very important for the Google services that are offered. Google Ads and Google My Business both rely on users. These services rely on those users to increase their revenue and target advertisements.

The best part about this news is that those on iOS will have new ways to engage with those Google apps. If you’re busy in the kitchen but want to listen to YouTube on your iOS device, now you’ll no longer need to type to access your favorite music. Simply use the Siri shortcuts once YouTube is open to bring up the music you want to hear while you’re busy with food prep. You can also quickly access an event or email from Gmail while you are working on your PC and you won’t need to stop what you’re doing to access that information.

Are You Glad Siri Shortcuts Are Now Available on Google iOS Apps?

In the comments below, we want to know whether or not you’ll be using the new Siri shortcuts within the Google iOS apps. We’re elated that this gives us a new way to interact with Google apps on iOS and it’s going to be very useful in certain situations. Have you been hoping that Siri shortcuts would land on the Google apps that are available for iOS? What other apps do you hope will integrate Siri shortcuts in the future to make engagement much easier?

Let us know in the comments below whether or not you’ve already tried out the Siri shortcuts found in these Google iOS apps. What situations do you see yourself using the Siri shortcuts for Google apps? Are you going to be using Google apps more on your iOS device with this new integration? What app do you think that the shortcuts will be most useful for? If you have any other features you wish Google would add to apps in the future, let us know about those as well.