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Skimmer Scanner for Android Detects Gas Pump Skimmers

Oct 9, 2017

A new app has just hit Google Play Store called Skimmer Scanner. This new app will detect the gas pump skimmers by analyzing the Bluetooth fingerprint that these skimmers leave behind. This is an app that uses open-sourced code that was put on GitHub.

Nate Seidle who is the CEO of an electronics firm based out of Colorado designed and put together the app. It was Seidle who decided to upload this Skimmer Scanner app to Google Play Store. We have all of the latest details about this app including how it might help you.

Skimmer Scanner Exploits a Tell in Gas Pump Skimmers

There is a certain tell, if you will, that gas pump skimmers have. This is more of a characteristic of the design of these gas pump skimmers. The Skimmer Scanner app will exploit the common and obvious tell to alert you of the danger. If you did not know, almost all of the gas pump skimmers around are made from electronics items you get at your local store. What is even better about this app is that it is completely free to download.

These gas pump skimmers typically will be broadcasting and carry a default password of a simple “1234.” The skimmers are broadcasting on what is called an HC-05 identifier. Most of the software that is running the gas pump skimmers also have a unique identifier. If a user ends up sending a query with “P” then this identifier in the software will come back with an “M.” These types of configurations, which are default, are what the app is looking for. Once those configurations are found, the user is alerted that a possible skimmer could be present at the gas pump.

Skimmer Scanner App is Limited But Useful

It is important to point out that the Skimmer Scanner app will be limited. If the gas pump skimmer is running different configurations than the default, this app will not be able to pick it up. The settings could be different depending on if the person behind the gas pump skimmer knows about these default unique identifiers and settings.

There is also a way you can check for the same type of gas pump skimmer without using the app. It might not be quite as reliable though. If you turn on your Bluetooth when you are at the gas pump, you might seen HC-05. If that shows up in your Bluetooth range at the gas pump, then there is likely a gas pump skimmer attached. It could find the skimmer as long as you are no more than 15 feet from the skimmer itself.

What You Should Do if Skimmer Scanner Finds a Skimmer

The app Skimmer Scanner takes all of the leg work out of you trying to track down those gas pump skimmers. Skimmer Scanner also could be more reliable due to checking the unique configurations and identifiers that are common with these devices. If you happen to download this app onto your Android device and find a skimmer, you should contact authorities immediately.

You should not attempt to pry open the machine to get the gas pump skimmer out. Partially, this is because there could be fingerprints or other useful information in it. This information could by used by the authorities to help track down the culprits. The skimmer could also contain the card details of other people. That is another reason why you really do not want to be messing with these devices.

When it comes to technology, the gas pump skimmers are one of the easiest items to produce. It also does not take a lot of skill to make one. It can be installed in less than 30 seconds. That is why we are seeing so many of these devices across the country. It is easy and could yield a ton of credit card details for the criminal.


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