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SkinVision Receives Infusion of $3.4M

Sep 23, 2015

In the year 2011 a man by the name of Dick Uyttewaal (the future CEO of his successful app) along with his team at Digital Health decided to create a health app. This health app was unlike any of its kind in the App Store and Google Play Store in that this revolutionary app can worn its user that they might have skin cancer. The app has proved to be very successful on both markets and has helped many people seek professional consultation as soon as they seen the warnings of possible skin cancer instead of acting when it is too late. Recently this application has managed to secure an investment of $3.4 million dollars ( three millions Euros) from global healthcare company LEO Pharma. So is this app really that helpful to its users?

How this app works is that it takes a photo of a mole and then afterwards the app performs a visual analysis, the goal of all this being that it identifies suspicious growths such as melanoma. “Skin cancer grows chaotically and potential suspicious moles are identified based on signs of non-natural growth,” states the CEO of the company Dick Uyttewaal. “The algorithm within the online assessment reviews signs of non-natural growth of skin lesions and is based on an established mathematical methodology in biology called fractal geometry. The algorithm currently looks at seven different criteria and will be further improved based on the continuous growth in our database.”

Skin Vision app
(This is an example of the app SkinVision being used by someone to determine whether their mole is bad or not.)

The mole taken in the picture is then rated by the app using different colors that symobolize different levels of risk (green = no risk, red = high risk). And if users have more than one strange mole, the users of the app can store these moles in different folders to keep the application categorized in nice and simple folders. “A changing mole (color, size, symmetry etc.) is a clear sign that something is wrong and that the person should visit a doctor immediately,” stated the CEO. He even assures that this application is as accurate as “the average eye of a dermatologist” and for those still doubting the viability of this app; this application is the only skin cancer detecting app that has received a CE certificate in Europe.

This is SkinVision works. Users take the photo of their mole and then the application uses a complex algorithm that determines whether it is harmful or not and then gives back a color that could either the mole is benign or dangerous.
(This is how SkinVision works. Users take the photo of their mole and then the application uses a complex algorithm that determines whether it is harmful or not and then gives back a color that could either the mole is benign or dangerous.)

With the infusion of money into the application the company Digital Health is planning on using its technology to widen its horizon in detecting other serious illnesses besides moles and melanomas. The only thing about this company that has received a lot of negative criticism and disapointment is in the fact that to use the application to its full potential, users must pay a monthly subscription which prices vary from area to area. But people must remember that this technology is expensive and that to keep improving it the company must make money some way so it is something people will have to accept from an application that does such a great job detecting harmful moles.

As our society continues to adapt technology and make it a huge part of our daily lives it is great to know that health companies are inventing new ways to make sure people are living a healthy life. Sometimes having a mole checked by a dermatologist or another type of doctor may seem like the only option and the only correction option at that but this app has shown different. This app provides a second opinion on strange moles so that just in case the doctor has made an error SkinVision will detect developing skin cancer using its high tech operating system. In conclusion, the application SkinVision has found success with its app because the company Digital Health truly cares for their customers and wants them to have the more accurate analysis of their potential cancerous moles so hopefully the granted infusion of cash will bring more great things from this app.


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