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Skype iOS App Adds Machine Learning-Based Photo Filters

Nov 9, 2017

There is a new update rolling out for the Skype iOS app which will add machine learning photo filters to the app. Microsoft seems to be going off of the Snapchat-like filters by adding these new photo filters that all machine learning-based. You will find that a lot of these new filters on the Skype iOS app are similar to Sprinkles.

Sprinkles was an iOS camera app that used machine learning. Sprinkles was released by Microsoft in April, and has not really gained the type of attention that Snapchat has. Read on to learn about the new Skype iOS update and what the machine learning-based filters for photos means for you.

Machine Learning-Based Photo Filters Hit Skype iOS App

The new Skype iOS app, which should be rolling out right now, is using machine learning-based photography filters in order to compete with Snapchat. The new filters are similar to those that were in Sprinkles, which was another Microsoft photography app that was released back in April. You can use the new machine learning-based filters on the still images.

From there, you can send these images to other people. If you would like to use the new photo filters and effects from within the Skype iOS app, you can click on the magic wand. This wand will bring up a lot of different filters and effects that you can add to your image. You can then swipe in order to change the effects or filters to what you want.

Some of the new Skype iOS filters and effects include weather data, face-swapping filters, lookalike celebrity swaps, and celebrity lookalike suggestions. There are witty captions, location filters, and much more included with the new machine learning-based photography filters. Another cool thing is that the location, date, and time are all taken into account when you use the filters. This means that if someone is happy, the machine learning-based filters will select a happy comment or filter to add.

Skype iOS App Update Borrows from Sprinkles App

The new filters that are coming out with the Skype iOS app might seem familiar to some people. That is because a lot of the filters and features available now were part of Sprinkles. Sprinkles was a Microsoft app that was released in April. Sprinkles used a lot of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to make filters and witty captions.

The experimental app could estimate things like the age of the person in the picture and also could describe various things found within the photo. Microsoft says that this Skype iOS update will have effects that will change daily, including some special effects for holidays and other important events.

More on Skype iOS Update & Added Filters

You will be able to create your image and then post the image to your Highlights. Highlights just became part of the Skype iOS app in June, and it is similar to Snapchat Stories. It allows you to apply various text or stickers to both photos and videos. You can share the Highlights with your friends and also share them within a group. Instead of it going away after 24 hours like Snapchat, the Highlights will disappear about a week later. You also can take those images you make with the machine learning-based photography filters and share them within a conversation normally.

Another part of the new Skype iOS update is that there are more chat bots and more ways to change your messages in group chats. Also added to the update is the new ability to co-watch various content from YouTube and elsewhere. If this sounds like a good update to you, you can head to Apple’s App Store and download the new Skype iOS app right now. If you have Skype already downloaded onto your iOS device, you should be seeing the update within the next day or two.