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Skype MacOS App Update Adds Cross-Device Functionality

Oct 30, 2017

We have some exciting news for you regarding the new Skype MacOS update. It is going to be bringing some new cross-device functionality. This new feature comes after Skype already redesigned the iOS app a while ago. With the new changes, Microsoft is looking to bring all of the different platforms together and get them all on the same page.

This means that if you have MacOS or an iOS device, you will now notice the same look across both platforms. The new Microsoft Skype app features have just now launched. If this interests you, read on to learn more information about the cross-device functionality.

Skype MacOS Update Brings MacOS & iOS Together

The new cross-device functionality will be between MacOS and iOS. When you look at this new update, which is on the desktop version, it will bring a lot of iOS features with it. There will be an emphasis on the social networking options and features. The new update also brings a lot of the sharing features to the desktop which are all also found on the iOS version.

There is one thing that will not be included in this update, which is the Highlights-similar feature, which is found on the iOS app. So essentially, the MacOS update will be emulating the iOS version, which just was redesigned as well this year.

When you look deeper into the new Skype MacOS update, you will see how it can connect devices right to the iOS version of Skype. This means you will have cloud-based sharing abilities of files, as well as the customization with the themes. There will also be the charts list that can be organized as well. You will find a new notification panel, which tells you all about the messages that you missed. In this Skype MacOS update, you will also see that you can click on the notification of your choice to get to it.

Skype MacOS Adds iOS Features & More in Redesign

There will also be a new chat media gallery in the Skype MacOS update. This allows you to quickly find the shared content, such as image files, links, and other media. You also can add media into your chats on Skype, such as GIF, video sharing, and other options. You will be able to give a status update so that you can tell your friends you are not around. Skype wants the new update to boost both your business productivity and personal productivity. The Skype system is also now going to be more uniform across the various platforms. The uniform look was very important for Microsoft.

So if you have used the Skype iOS app before, then you know all about what the Skype MacOS will be bringing with it. The new features and redesign can be found right now if you have automatic updates enabled on your MacOS. You will also be able to get all of the new features by updating your Mac manually. If you would like to install this new Skype update manually we have good news. You can head to the Skype website to find the newest version. We expect that there will also be more updates and changes rolling out with Skype and other Microsoft apps in the coming months.

If you did not hear the news, Microsoft has basically killed off the Windows phone and related apps. Microsoft has now been focused on Android and iOS as they are the two main operating systems for mobile. The company is now going back and making iOS and Android versions of the apps better. Microsoft is also trying to come out with new apps for both platforms. Stay tuned because we know Microsoft will be releasing more updates and additions before the year ends.