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Skype Mingo Now In Alpha Testing on Android

Dec 16, 2016

A new Android app is slowly making it into the Google Play Store, and the app is brought to you by the Skype development team. This new app, called Skype Mingo, is still in alpha development on Google Play, but it looks to make Skype the native calling tool on Android.

Skype Mingo Shows up On Google Play

This new app, Skype Mingo, will install on your Android device just as Mingo. This could be that the Skype development team will only include Mingo in the final version of the app, although right now it is hard to say. Skype Mingo will make Skype the native calling app on your Android phone, and will also become the contact manager for your device as well. You will notice the same blue and white user interface as the regular Skype when you load up Skype Mingo, but you will notice the changes between the two Skype apps immediately.


The first thing you will notice is that the “Recent” screen will also display your text message conversations along with the recent Skype calls. You will notice that the Recent Calls will show everything, from Skype to Mingo to your normal device call log. Skype Mingo will even support standard text messages, known as SMS, so you can text people immediately even if you never added them onto Skype. This is actually one of the best features of Skype Mingo, which is that you can use Skype Mingo as a default messaging app for your Android device. The only downside is that if you send a Skype message to someone not around, it will not send as a regular SMS message automatically. If you are looking for a new all-in-one way to communicate on your Android device, Skype Mingo might be the newest and coolest solution out there.

You also will be able to get messages from Skype for PC, reply to Dubbed SMS relay, and much more on Skype Mingo. Not too long ago, Microsoft said that relay is going to come to the Android version of Skype, so it is possible this is what Microsoft was talking about. Dubbed SMS Relay was actually first introduced in Windows 10, but you could only use it if you had a Windows 10 mobile device. It seems that the limitations of the Relay are about to be gone completely with Skype Mingo.


You will not be able to get the complete Relay features yet on Skype Mingo as they are still being worked out, but the possibilities are definitely there. You must remember too that when it comes to using Skype for PC that there is a huge system in order to get those messages in your Android device, so this is something that could still be considered a work in progress too, as this is just a test phase of what might be coming in the final version.

Even though Skype Mingo is still in alpha, it seems like a promising Android app that would be beneficial to people who use both Skype and regular SMS. Skype Mingo does have all of the features of regular Skype, so you can go about your Skype time as usual, and also have Mingo as the default app for all of your messaging and calling needs. It is unclear whether or not Skype Mingo will replace Skype itself once the final version is released or if these two apps will coexist in the Skype world. Since Mingo can do everything regular Skype can do, there is a possibility that Skype Mingo will take over completely, although that has not been made 100 percent clear yet.

Microsoft likely wants to get feedback from people who use Skype alpha and beta first before the company decides one way or the other. Regardless, if you are someone that likes to try out all of these cool new Android apps before the final version is released, you can download the alpha version of Skype Mingo now and give it a whirl to see if it is something you would be interested in. If you would rather wait for the next version of Skype Mingo to come out, which would be the beta version, it should hit the Android store within the next couple months.