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Skype Optimized for Lower-End Android Phones

Mar 11, 2018

Good news if you have a lower-end Android device, as Microsoft just rolled out an update to Skype optimized for these lower-end devices. We know a lot of people have lower-end Android devices, especially those in developing countries. Lower-end Android devices are also those that often times come with a pay-as-you-go mobile plan. It is about time the lower-end Android devices get a better version of Skype they can run without issue. Read on to learn more about the new Microsoft Skype update and the optimizations that come with the update.

Skype Optimized in Update for Lower-End Android Devices

It is great news that the new Skype update is bringing more optimizations to the app to help those with lower-end Android devices. If you have a lower-end Android, you will now have better audio quality and video quality. This is something you will immediately notice when you load up the new Skype app for Android. Skype was optimized to help you if you are on Android 4.0.3 to Android 5.1.

There are many people still running Android 5.0 and Android 5.1. That means this new optimization works out well for a large segment of the Android population. We have talked about that before, with the Android fragmentation being so wide now. Many people are on Android 5.0 or Android 5.1 still, with a lot of those people being on the lower-end devices that do not get the upgrades.

For these devices on Android 4.0.3 to Android 5.1, you will find a lot of changes that will make the app run much smoother for you. For example, the memory and disk consumption are both much lighter in this new app update. Video and audio quality is also a lot better for these lower-end Android devices. Even if you do not have a great connection, the performance will still be a lot better than before. This is a new Skype update that will roll out worldwide, but it could take a couple weeks. Microsoft is definitely looking at improving the apps and services it provides so that these lower-end devices are not sacrificing quality.

Skype Optimized as Trend for Lower-End Apps Continues

The new Skype optimization for the lower-end Android devices is coming at a time when many other apps are changing too. Google rolled out Android Go, which is a lightweight version of Android that will work with lower-end devices. Android Go does not use as much storage, RAM, or processing power. Android Go is also pretty cool because it specifically comes with apps that are not going to run slower due to these lower requirements. These apps are all optimized for the limited specifications. The Android Go phones also will work really well in the areas where there is limited connectivity.

Facebook also rolled out a similar app for lower-end devices last year when it released Messenger Lite. This app did not have all of the clutter that the normal Android app had. Twitter also came out with a similar app in a lite version, which uses less data. For people who cannot afford the higher-end Android devices, these apps and phones are great because they still get the newer apps and updates.

Microsoft putting out a new Skype version for the lower-end Android devices is just another step in this direction. If you would like to try out the new Skype app for Android, you can find it right now in Google Play Store. Being in a developing country or just in a location where connections are spotty, you will find this app to be very useful and much better overall. The best part is probably the better audio and video quality, so you do not have to sacrifice this if you are on a lower-end device.

  • Good news if you have a lower-end Android device, as Microsoft just rolled out an update to Skype optimized for these lower-end devices.